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I know this young man, Abraham, and his wife Valeria.  They have 4 small children. He helped build my house and was a valued worker as well as a caring human being.  Valeria came by my house today.  She will return to the Comarca for a week and then return to Boquete...where she will have no job, no income, and children to care for, but to stay in the Comarca would deprive her children of the schooling they are receiving here which she greatly values.  The reality for some who call Boquete their home is crushingly difficult and painful.  Grateful I could put a human face on "just another bit of news".

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Thanks so very much to those of you who want to help.  Valeria says she will return from the Comarca next Sunday and will come  by my house.  I can then get a better assessment of her needs.  Of course all things are subject to change especially for a young woman in a whole new situation.  I will continue to post here as I know more. I gave her some travel money, so she can at least get back to family and the burial of their loved one.  

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