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  1. Can anyone recommend a handyman or someone who does welding, minor electrical repairs, plumbing? Thanks for any help you can give. Evelyn 6752 2283
  2. There are two websites, mindmyhouse and housecarers. Lots of well screened people eager to travel and will take care of pets at no charge. There are some in Panama as well as worldwide. Hope this is helpful
  3. I need some help to purchase one round of pain medications for a friend. He has been scheduled for hip surgery at the Social Security hospital Aug 15 after waiting many years. Last week he fell and now the pain has become intolerable without taking extra pain meds. He is terrified of running out before his surgery. I and others have helped him for years with his medication expenses but with the extra needed because of his fall, we are short $550. If you can make a donation or a loan, either will be a blessing. I will leave an envelope with Arturo at Mailboxes on Monday morning (the 8t
  4. I bought a power washer at Do It Center only to have the hose burst. With the right couplers and installment it could be made useable again, but I have not been able to find out where that could be done. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. A replacement hose cannot be bought because of course "they" don't make this model any more. Also if I have to buy a new power washer I would be grateful for any recommendations. Thanks!
  5. PayPal is great. If I could figure it out anybody could! If your friend has a PPal account he can send $ to your US bank and if it is not a business transaction there is no charge. You can set your account up by following the directions from PPal. Hope this is helpful
  6. I am happy to report that I received a timely response from SJREGION@ssa.gov which included a printable copy of the proof of life form. I just have to print and scan it back to them. Hope this helps others.
  7. Thanks for all your replies. I guess will just have to check at the post office every couple of weeks. I wonder if the post office could be advised to not return to sender this particular classification of US govt mail. What a misery this whole thing is! And such a dismissive attitude for US expats by our government! Forgive the rant.😠
  8. I am supposed to send in my proof of life this month. So far it has not shown up at the Boquete post office. Can I get a copy online? Any helpful information will be much appreciated.
  9. Note that the prices for the service are "quincenal" meaning every 15 days, so you have to double it to see what you would pay per month. Ahh the subtleties of marketing!!
  10. As many of you may remember, on February 22 of this year a young indigenous man drowned in the river near his home. Valeria. his wife and the mother of three small children and a 2 month old baby are struggling to survive. Fortunately, Buenos Vecinos has stepped in to help with once a month food delivery. This only begins to cover their needs. I will list the ones that I am aware of: School for the 3 older children (1st, 2nd and 3rd Grades) Someone kindly donated enough to cover buying uniforms and school supplies. What is not covered is the cost of transporting the children to schoo
  11. Thanks so very much to those of you who want to help. Valeria says she will return from the Comarca next Sunday and will come by my house. I can then get a better assessment of her needs. Of course all things are subject to change especially for a young woman in a whole new situation. I will continue to post here as I know more. I gave her some travel money, so she can at least get back to family and the burial of their loved one.
  12. I know this young man, Abraham, and his wife Valeria. They have 4 small children. He helped build my house and was a valued worker as well as a caring human being. Valeria came by my house today. She will return to the Comarca for a week and then return to Boquete...where she will have no job, no income, and children to care for, but to stay in the Comarca would deprive her children of the schooling they are receiving here which she greatly values. The reality for some who call Boquete their home is crushingly difficult and painful. Grateful I could put a human face on "just another bit o
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