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Alto Al Crimen News For January 4


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This morning Franc Lugo assumed his duties as the new AAC Hotline operator. 
After receiving the AAC SIM card from Rodny Moreno and thanking him for a good job over the past years, we needed to have the SIM card clipped to smaller size for the new two-SIM card smartphone, which took only a short time.  It was a seamless transition with no hitches.
As mentioned in earlier news, AAC now has a second number with a different wireless carrier.  The main purpose of the new number is for outgoing calls for police, fire or medical assistance in emergencies.  However, if you find yourself in a location where service for the main number, 6477-6662 is not available,  you may use the secondary number to call for emergencies or other help such as assistance with car trouble or translation at a traffic stop. 
Here is the new AAC Hotline secondary number for use as described above:
We recommend that you have both AAC Hotline phone numbers in your telephone contacts,  prefacing them with AAAA so that they are always be at the top of your list.  Clearly label the new number "SECONDARY" or "BACKUP" so that you remember not to call it except when you don't have service on the main number.
Soon we will begin a campaign to remind people who have moved, changed telephone numbers, changed email addresses, have additional people in the household or experienced other changes to update their data for our database.  Please be thinking about this and making notes.  We hope soon to have a special page on the AAC web site (altoalcrimen.info) for updating your information.  Your input will NOT automatically access our database because we want to review the input and be sure that it will provide our operator the clearest and best information to use in emergencies.  Watch for an announcement asking you to post your update information.
Thanks for your patience during a somewhat difficult transition period.  Remember that even when you don't hear any specific news, AAC is working for you and the Boquete Community.
Bob Gregory
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2 hours ago, Keith Woolford said:

What's the latest from Alto Al Crimen?

Interesting you should ask? I too was wondering that this morning and called up Franc Lugo (911 operator) to see what he knew? All Franc knew was that they paid him his monthly check at the beginning of the month. I don't think there's many folks left on the board and I hear that Dave VanHarn is resigning from his job as database manager. The AAC by-laws state that if it's disbanded, the money left over will be donated to the Handicap Foundation. Since the Handicap Foundation is desperately in need of funds, it might be worth while for AAC to call it quits and donate the money rather than to die a slow and expensive death. Just my dos centavos.

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