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Changes for safety reasons



As a dog owner, one of the "duties as needed" that comes my way is Yard Poop Cleaner. Doesn't take a lot of time and requires minimum training. These were the selling points to me.

So here I am at my job last week when I walked right by a brown leaf...or so I thought. Circled back and took a closer look. No way! This was a cane toad in my backyard. The second instance of finding one of these critters on our property. I rushed to the kitchen. Searching for a weapon, I grabbed my spray bottle of bleach and returned to the toad area. Sprayed this creature several times as he jumped away from "my mighty weapon". Of course Anouk was trying to help my efforts with her jumping and barking.

I could see my bleach wasn't working, so with my almost OK arm (earlier broken in a skiing accident), I lifted a sizable potted plant in container and dropped it onto the toad. 

Now the rest of the story. After various suggestions and long consideration, the contractor is here today beginning the installation of wire mesh along the bottom section of our fence line. Hopefully this will keep out toads and any snakes that wander our way.


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Here are some pictures taken this afternoon of the wire mesh that is being installed. We believe that cane toads will find it difficult to come through the fence once this project is completed. The mesh has about 1/4" openings, and goes up about four feet from the base of the fence. The mesh is being tack welded into place. Painting will be done after all of the welding is complete.

We are pretty sure that the neighborhood cats will no longer come to the back door for food.




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That should be a big help. As you know we lost our Maggie to a cane toad over a year ago. She died in less than 50 minutes! Make sure you have an action plan should your pet encounter a cane toad! We sure do now! Step by step instructions with the meds ready to go.

 We also put out empty cans half full with Ammonia with a rag in the can. Especially in and around our bodegas where they used to hang out. Been doing this for over a year. Have not seen a cane toad or a snake! Hope it stays that way!

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1 hour ago, Bonnie said:

Oh, no! Aren't these the kitties that you feed? Where will they go for food?

They'll get in. Hunger and love are big motivators.

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Shouldn't you change the title of your blog?  I don't think you are fostering Anouk by now.  She's a permanent resident.

It doesn't look like the cats will be able to get in.  You have made them dependent on you.  It's not right to just cut them off from their food.  You could put a cat door in the mesh.  Toads would not be smart enough to figure out how to use it.

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