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Excellent Check-up for Anouk



Took Anouk for her physical check-up with Dra. Chely this morning. Remember when we accepted this beautiful Husky about one plus years ago, this rescue dog had some health issues including raw ears devoid of hair because of flea infestation. So bad that Dra. Chely was fearful the hair would never grow back! With the application of medicine and a lot of work on our part Anouk now has clean and "hairy" ears. Per Dra. Chely's instructions we bathed Anouk's feet daily in white vinegar and water to get rid of fungus and of course there was a problem with poor fur (matty and bad smelling).

This morning Anouk got an A+ in all areas including her clean teeth. We give her a raw bone (preferably tan bone, pig) once a week plus dry dog food with a small amount of canned wet food morning and night. "0nly egg white" per Dra. Chely "not the egg yolk" is included at breakfast. Anouk enjoys chewing on a Nyla bone on a regular basis. "Excellent mouth, no dog breath" per the vet.

Will admit that Anouk could lose a few pounds. Guess that means more walks and my throwing the ball for her to chase more times.

Reckon I better get busy....rain or sunshine ?.

She really is a beautiful dog and a major addition to our family.





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Marcelyn, I don't intend to be contradictory, but I have a couple of comments in response to your post about beautiful Anouk. Just food for thought.

First is the comment ""0nly egg white" per Dra. Chely "not the egg yolk." Do some research on the internet. There are pros and cons about giving egg whites to dogs (a lot regarding raw egg whites). Some say yes, some say no, some say only cooked egg whites, others say it doesn't matter. We each have to make our own decisions. My decision in my case:  I have 18 dogs. Now that my six chickens have started producing, I put the six raw eggs, shell and all, into a blender with sufficient water to make a slush of it all. I then mix this with the huge bowl of Kirkland kibble to feed them each day. (The egg yolk is actually the most nutritious but has more calories. That could be the reason Dra Chely suggested only the white. But just feed less. All my dogs could "lose a few pounds" and I keep harping on Jose to feed them less but...)

(Feeding them raw foods would be my first choice, but it's impossible with so many!)

For other days, I make a gelatinous broth from turkey wings at PriceSmart, add that and the cooked turkey meat to the huge bowl of Kirkland kibble. (Sans bones; I save the cooked bones to put out for street dogs. never give cooked bones to our own beloved dogs, but I figure street dogs are accustomed to eating whatever they can find.)

Regarding Nylabones: Also, do your own research. 

Here's a quote from one page:  One of the most trusted names in dog chews is Nylabone. For 40 years they've made some of the most popular dog chews. But there is growing evidence that some of their product lines - like one made from a gummy material - could be harmful, even fatal, to your dog. https://www.purelypets.com/wellness-center-archives-3/66-nylabone-warning 

Geeze--one hardly knows what to do these days, both for the health of ourselves and and our animals! There is a lot of "evidence" on the net, both pro and con, regarding any and all subjects. We just do the best we can with the knowledge we can find.

Again, just food for thought. Please, in no way construe my comments as any criticism about your care of the beautiful Anouk. She is very lucky to have you and Bud as "parents."



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About Nylabones. They are absolutely, positively the only chew toy that can stand up to Skeeter's teeth. He's a piranha. (Before I found them, he devoured or ripped to shreds every other dog toy I brought home. And when there wasn't a dog toy, he chewed on table legs, door jambs, etc.) The key is to buy the Dura Chew bones. They are solid and tough enough to withstand all abuse. Both you and the article you cited acknowledge that it is the softer, gummy Nylabone likely to cause problems, but I want to reemphasize that here.

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Thanks for the additional info, Bonnie. The link I posted was one of the first I came across. Again, the key is to do lots of online research and then make our own decisions.

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