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For the family of Dr. Dru Aguilar


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Dear Friends,
As most of you know, Dr Dru passed away very suddenly a week ago.
There has been a heartfelt outpouring of love and support for Dr Dru and his family. People have been asking where and how they can help his wife Wakana and their four year old daughter Gaia.
In the upcoming weeks, starting tomorrow, there will be a box at Piero’s Milky Way Creamery table at the Tuesday Market for donations.  This money is to help Wakana and Gaia with their immediate needs.
If you have a gift you would rather not leave in the box, please contact Ciella at 6526-6462 or Raven at 6570-1985.
Wakana and Gaia will benefit greatly from your generosity. 
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Even though I no longer live in Panama -- oh Dr. Dru, I was so sad to hear of your  passing.  You were a special man.  Dr. Dru helped me so much when my husband passed away.  Wakana, my deep, deep condolences.  My love, my tears and my respect are sent to you.  And Gaia, she is beautiful, I know how proud Dr. Dru was when she was born -- and she looks so much like him.  My thoughts and my love are with you.

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