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Auto Body Work Needed and Cheap Rentals While Being Repaired

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Levy is the guy to go to for body work. We used to all go to his brother Balo until Balo suddenly died. Turn East one or two streets South of CEFATI. Turn right at the end of the road and that is where he is. There might even be a sign on the parada (bus stop) that tells you where to turn.

Cowboy Dave is where to get a temporary car. $30/day

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Thanks so much Penny.  I went to Levi this morning (good directions), and he fixed the ding while I waited.  It was such an ugly ding, I was mortified to drive around with it, wanted to get it fixed fast.  He and his son did it.

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On 6/16/2017 at 10:14 AM, Whskyman said:

Reposting .... with a different font.

Hello - does anyone know if Levy is still in business and still does body work? Or is there someplace else??   Are his rates reasonable or should I go to David?


His sign is still on the bus stop by the road where he is.  I think he is still in business.

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6 hours ago, Whskyman said:

Thank you so much Judy ...... your response is greatly appreciated...

Probably the best thing to do is drive down the road and find his place.  Then you will know for sure he is still in business.

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