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  1. Hello: I am looking for a sewing machine for my wife. Please email me at bdleonardusmc@gmail.com or text via WhatsApp @ 6916-8521. Thank you, Brian
  2. Hello. I searched this forum and didn't find what I need. Does anyone know of someone/some place that will work on generators? Thanks, Brian
  3. Hello: I just wanted to provide a positive recommendation for a man who performs very good work when it comes to metalworking & welding. We had him build and install a hand railing for our outside steps. It is sturdy, safe and looks great!! I am also having him come back to perform some electrical work for me. He is fluent in Spanish and speaks perfect English. He is very professional, timely and provides great communication throughout the project. His WhatsApp contact info is (Rolando Cossu: 6130-1414). Thanks, Brian
  4. found this on the "Expat Exchange" .... The D.I.J. team in Boquete in coordination with the @PGN_PANAMA Prosecutor's Office for adolescents, apprehended a person in the district of Boquete, province of Chiriqui, Tuesday August 18th 2020, allegedly linked to the crime of homicide to the detriment of a foreign citizen in Boquete. A week ago a USA citizen 74 year old Ken Walden was found dead in his home when Police were forced to break in. It was said that blood was found at the scene, which began a homicide investigation and the search for a person of interest.
  5. Thanks for the reply Pantah. I spoke with them a while back .... it was $64 for a "package" .... Internet, TV and phone. The same 1,000 MBps for 3 months, but then 300 after that.
  6. Was that a "package deal" or just for the Internet?? How many Mbps after the 3 months?? Do you have a point of contact ?? THANKS
  7. Hello: It's none of my business, but you are overpaying for that van. Someone asked me on another site and I provided them a contact. His name is Enson Guerra. You can reach him on WhatsApp at 507-6951-4930. Like I said, I don't have a dog in the fight .... just trying to keep people from getting ripped off! Brian
  8. Hello: I am looking to but a used gasoline chainsaw, preferably a Stihl, but beggers cannot be choosers. Please email me or text me on WhatsApp @ 6916-8521. Thank you, Brian
  9. Here's a gentlemen who felt the need to break the total Saturday lockdown quarantine on Saturday. Why??
  10. Thanks Hil & Penny for your input .... it is appreciated. I like your idea Penny ..... it makes sense. I will pass these on to my friend who I am asking for.
  11. Hello: Does anyone know where to purchase propane gas (exchange) for the small barbecue gas grills?? Thanks, Brian
  12. If you "scroll down" the Casos confirmados por Corregimiento you will see that as of last evening, Alto Boquete did reflect 14 confirmed cases.
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