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Free Food at the BCP this week. Death in the family News


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With a very heavy heart we are so sad to have to say that our Sadie was killed earlier this week by a vicious serpent.  Sadie was our "Mother" weimeraner that we have had since we arrived in Panama 7 years ago.  She was loving and incredibly affectionate.  Her guardian and hunting instincts eventually led to her demise as she simply couldn't help herself but to seek out and eliminate any yard threats.  The snakes here are no joke and if you have a loved pet that likes to run around in the brush be sure to watch them carefully.  She was a good dog and will be missed.


Life goes on and so this week we went crazy cooking it up!!  It's Pot Pie week and after all the preorders through our website there are only a few remaining.  This week we have also added some Mexican Tortilla soup with black beans, grilled corn, roasted red peppers, and a delicious blend of aromatics.  This soup comes with tortilla chips and serves up great with sour cream and cheddar cheese.  Next we will have some Indian Chicken Tikka Masala.  This version is more on the medium spicy level as the peppers we used weren't that spicy.  It also has reduced sodium if you are watching your salt intake.  Tikka Masala is a rich and exotic Indian dish that originated in the UK.  Consisting of cream, tomato sauce, peppers, and garlic, with a cultured milk marinated chicken this dish is full of wonderful and authentic Indian flavors.  Serve over Jasmine or Basmati Rice and a garnish of culantro to finish it off!!


We have made some fermented beet and garlic sauerkraut this week.  This sauerkraut has quickly risen to the ranks of top favorite in our kitchen as it really makes for a delicious fermented/probiotic rich snack.  Check out this picture of a salad that we made using peeled oranges, fermented beet sauerkraut, feta cheese, mint leaves, and honey. 







Finally this week at the BCP market for the very first time we will be introducing our Artisan Salami with free samples.  The actual product won't be ready for a few more weeks but we were able to pull some smaller diameter salamis from our drying chamber and I just couldn't help myself but want to  share it with you.  So if you plan on being at the BCP and want to taste some authentic "Old World" salami made with traditional flavors be sure to swing by the 2 Guys Booth!!  This week we will have a Finocchiona (fennel) Salami and an Italian Spicy Cacciatore Salami.  We are working on developing about 10 other outrageous flavors that will soon be available.  Cherry Salami with a pistachio crust, black garlic and white wine salami, bleu cheese cranberry and walnut salami, just to name a few!!  We will also be producing artisan pepperoni, coppa, lonzino, bresaola, pancetta, lamb and duck prosciutto, as well as some other really cool charcuterie plate options.  The only down side is that they take a while to make!!


If you've ever wanted to know what it takes to make salami I have posted a video for you to watch that covers the entire process.  It's a rudimentary video that covers the basics and I was able to take 2 days worth of footage and condense it down into 20 minutes.  I hope you like it and I can't wait to give away some SALAMI at the BCP on Tuesday!!  Swing by and get yours. 


How To Make Salami.   The Secrets Revealed!!!







If you would like to sign up for our weekly newsletter and menu update please click this link and be sure to fill out the email form.  We send out an email each week with updates from our kitchen.  There's always something crazy going on over here!!


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Finally please click this link to check out our menu.  Our menu is ever changing and we add new items weekly to it.  If you see anything that you like please complete the ordering process online and select how you would like to receive it.  We try to make our service easy and convenient so if your experience is anything other than easy and convenient then please let me know...  We are here to serve you.  Thanks for letting me do your cooking!!




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What's with the misleading and confusing Titles in some of these announcements? This is not the only instance, but it's typical.

"Free Food" - turns out to be, after a page and a half of reading, a sample of someone's idea of salami.

"Boquete's New Poster/Map" ?   Did they redraw the boundaries?

I would have made a general observation in News Boquete regarding announcements but it's not possible to do that.

Newsroom Panama is running an ad for a local Catamaran tour alongside a picture of a mono hull cruise ship.


Edited by Keith Woolford
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Maybe one of the following reasons:

  1. Poor communication skills (especially written)
  2. Attention grabber wording. Several different groups trying for the same audience.
  3. Trying to be “cool” or funny
  4. Desperate, wanting attention. Misleading ads on purpose?
  5. Some people are bored, nothing to do
  6. Just wanting to cause trouble and confuse other people


Just my ideas. Probably many others.


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The folks that post these "news" releases and do not understand marketing and have no writing skills are only bringing it on themselves.

29 minutes ago, Keith Woolford said:

Free Food" - turns out to be, after a page and a half of reading, a sample of someone's idea of salami.

Totally agree with Keith.

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