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This organization runs in the red every month. The cost for the spay clinics is at least two or three times what is brought in by charging the folks who are capable and willing to pay the small fee.

The deficit has to be made up with fundraisers and donations. God bless these volunteers for finding a unique and fun way to raise money.

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At $150 per month, sales of "pet pages" makes $1800. Expenses over and beyond income regularly surpass this figure per month. See, for example, this financial report from the latest (February ) AdA newsletter, below:

Financial Update

        Feb 18
  Clinic Income    1,137.00
  Donations       115.00
  Interest Income         64.39
Total Income    1,316.39
  Advertising       776.61
  Building Repairs/Maint           5.34
  Clinic Coordinator       255.00
  Clinic Supplies       204.51
  Food/Kitchen Supplies       122.24
  Freight       216.75
  Laundry         95.00
  Medical       296.60
  Office Expense         28.25
  Phone Card/Internet         47.00
  Utilities         34.86
  Vet Reimbursements    1,376.00
Total Expense    3,458.16
Net Income (Loss)   (2,141.77)
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