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CableOnda TV Audio or Video Disappearing

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We have used CableOnda for our television access for many years, and have been fairly happy with the service. Recently one TV channel (61) displays the video, but there is no audio. Not wanting to believe that there are nefarious forces at play to deny us access to Fox News, we prefer to believe that there is a system failure.

In chatting with CableOnda customer service this morning, it turns out that they are are able to remotely diagnose the components in our home, and they discovered that our cable box is failing. A service call has now been scheduled. The representative was very professional, spoke totally in English, and covered every base.

Impressive customer service. We now hope that the service call will fix the problem, but no reason to believe otherwise.

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I don't think that the problem is with your cable box. We have experienced intermittent audio problems with Fox Channel as well. And, in a couple of instances, we lost the video signal when all the other channels were working OK. I think it's a Fox transmission problem or, for some reason, a Cable Onda problem that only affects channel 61. 


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The earlier postings in this thread were about the audio part of some of CableOnda's TV programming disappearing. Last night we were trying to watch channel 61 for the interesting news about events in the US, and this time the video signal disappeared. We first tried powering down the TV, and that was of no effect (it is a Sony TV and so we really don't expect any issue like that with the TV, but what the hey, we were trying everything). It was a process of elimination. And then we powered down the CableOnda box, waited 30 seconds, and brought it back online. The video and audio were good again. But that lasted only a few minutes. We did the power down thing several times with the CableOnda box, but with no joy.

It was rather late in the evening, slightly before 9:00PPM, but I decided anyway to see if I could place a trouble call to CableOnda. Lo and behold, YES, they apparently answer their phones at other than normal business hours. There was a bit of a wait, but then I finally was able to chat with a nice voice, speaking English, and she asked me how she could help. I told her about the problem with channel 61, and she informed me immediately that they were already aware of the problem and working on fixing it. In fact, she said that the problem was happening with two specific channels, and she told me the other channel, but I don't recall which channel she mentioned. With all of the background voices in that call, I got the impression that this issue was rather widespread and lot of complaints were coming in.

It was a somewhat new experience to "watch" a blank TV screen but still get the news via audio only. It worked. We really didn't need to see the people who were speaking, and so our news feed quota got filled last night, kinda like back in the older radio only era.

The problem was not resolved when we decided to go to sleep, but this morning the video signal is back.

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