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This is a great new option for a good lunch in David. Their specialty is a gourmet hamburger and draft/craft beer. It turns out they just buy the beer from the Boquete Brewing Company and mark it up a bit so it's not cheap. They always have a different soup every day. The lunch special is a good value. It consists of a choice of 3 appetizers. I ordered the ensalda and my two friends ordered the special patacones. Unlike any patacone you've every eaten -- delicious. Then you have the choice of one of the lunch entrees. We all ordered the gourmet cheeseburger because I had heard good things about it. You could also have some other choices. I remember a roast beef sandwich being one of them. The meal is accompanied with hand cut french fries and a delicious lemonade. All of this for $7. There is a full bar if you want a cocktail and the beer is wonderful -- although at $5 a glass, it's a luxury.

The place is located across the street from the new Hotel Lleras on Avenida Olbaldia (the road that goes between Super Baru and the Romero's grocery store in Dolegita).

Like most Panamanian businesses, they haven't mastered advertising to gringos. They were very grateful for our patronage and even the chef came out to thank us. Although I was with 3 Spanish speaking Panamanians, the waitress spoke mostly to us in English.

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18 hours ago, Keith Woolford said:

Google Maps


Across the street also from Banco BAC, close to the stoplights at Parque de las Madres.


12 hours ago, Bonnie said:

When I click on the map link, it takes me to my house.

The correct Google Maps hotlink to Restaurante Unplugged in David is Unplugged Gastropub.

Note that Google says the official name is Unplugged Gastropub.


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We went here on Thursday for lunch!  Another nice restaurant addition in David! It is new to this location in the last 2 months. It was located on the other side of the stadium. Google maps tried to take us to the old location.  Bud's google map location is correct. :D Had the burger and sliders. $7.00 each, which includes a choice of a  starter, fresh hand cut fries, and freshly made lemonade.

Pros:  Excellent food, Great service, terrific value, fresh lean ground beef, homemade buns, fast service, and nicer atmosphere in the bar side. Great tap beer! $5

 No Cons: just some suggestions:  no printed beer list and the lemonade was too sweet.

The place has a Boquete Brewery type of atmosphere. Very friendly staff. Will definitely return again for lunch and also check it out for dinner. Maybe the best burgers we have had in Panama to date!

Lunch, dinner, and drink menu's pictured below.









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Thanks to Two Sailors (and others) for posting about this eatery. Marcelyn and I were in David yesterday for business, and stopped by Unplugged GstroPub for our admittedly late lunch prior to returning to Boquete.

This was our first visit at Unplugged. Actually we were going to challenge Penny's assessment to the effect that they have very good hamburgers. But she was right. We have no idea where they get their beef, but it was very tasty and prepared to our liking. I ordered the patacones that Penny mentioned above, and Marcelyn ordered the green salad. Everything was tasty. The lemonade was good. I have never seen or tasted patacones prepared the way they do it, but we both liked them and thought that patacones will be our first choice for the appetizer when we next visit Unplugged, and visit again we will.

As Penny mentioned, the entire luncheon was $7.00 per person. Other than the background music being louder than we prefer, there was nothing to fault at Unplugged. Good food, good service, great prices, etc. (BTW, when a meal is under $10 we do not inquire about a jubilado discount, so don't ask us about that.)

We were a bit concerned in that we were the only patrons, but then again we did not arrive until about 2:15PM. We hope they survive because we do plan to visit them again (and again...).

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On 2/17/2018 at 4:52 PM, TwoSailors said:

We are in the same mindset. 

A bit more on this subject of jubilado discounts. Our logic is that the restaurateurs are in business to make money by providing a good meal. It is a tough market, so we are told, and we just can't believe that any place can survive at sub-$10.00 pricing being further discounted.

Going further, if a meal is between $10.00 and $20.00 we discuss on a case-by-case basis. If it was great food, great service, and lots of food (in other words the restaurant really delivers a good dining experience), then we generally will not ask about the jubilado discount.

Above $20.00, then we discuss, but generally the outcome is to ask for the jubilado discount.

Tipping is a different but related matter, and almost always involves a discussion between the two of us. Each dining experience is tipped according to the total dining experience.

This is our M.O. Your mileage probably varies. 9_9

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My Panamanian friends and I again visited Unplugged the other day. I just want to restate that their hand cut french fries are the best I've ever tasted and their patacones extremo as an appetizer were (again) amazing. This time I had the Philly Cheese steak instead of the hamburger. Delicious. Lots of sauteed onions and peppers and pretty good beef.

Again, all for $7 including the lemonade drink.

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