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NO to Companies Condemned in Other Countries

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Panama: NO to Companies Condemned in Other Countries

A new law initiative pretends to forbid the participation of companies that have been convicted in other countries for crimes against the public administration in contracts with the State.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The bill that was presented on January 23, requests the modification of texts in the legal framework that regulate Panamanian public procurement, to avoid awarding contracts to companies that are accused of acts of corruption in Panama and also abroad. 

From the introduction of the bill:
" ... we deem it opportune to propose the inclusion of grounds for the legal incapacity to contract, through an addition of numeral 9 to article 16 of Law 61 of 2017, since although there was a recent reform, [the text] only included as a cause of inability to contract the existence of a judicial sentence of conviction within the national territory."

" ... the proposal is to introduce, through the addition of numeral 10, the obligation of the contractor to make an affidavit stating that they have not been convicted of crimes against the public administration within the territory of the Republic of Panama or abroad."

See full legal initiative (in Spanish).



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No means Maybe for Odebrecht

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NOTHING seems to shake the determination of the scandal-plagued  Odebrecht construction giant to add to the nearly $3 billion in contracts from the Panama State and Panama city.

In spite of warnings that the Executive approved an order in December 2016 prohibiting the company from bidding for State contracts it has already attended four approval meetings, reports La Prensa.

The company, which has recognized the payment of bribes to win contracts in multiple countries, including Panama,  was among the 11 construction companies that attended to the approval meeting of the Ministry of Works Public to clarify the specifications of the tender to rehabilitate 80.3 kilometers of highway in Chiriquí, with a reference price f $49 million.



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I appreciate the intent, but it's going too far to automatically bar a company with a foreign conviction. Those should be evaluated on a case by case basis. The conviction might be a shakedown by a corrupt foreign country.

Panama shouldn't outsource its own sovereign decisions to the whims of foreign countries


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