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Good morning!! We hope you are doing well.  I would like to inform you that on January 29, 30 & 31 We will be doing an open house!!! This is for people who needs hearing aids...We will be doing a hearing test to check in what frequencies does the person have the problem.  A sales representative of Resound will be providing hearing aids so people can test them as well.  We will give them a quote and we will have discounts or promotions in the latest models of hearing aids... The owner of the company Dra. Michelle Couture-Souvenir Audiologist with more than 15 years of experience  in hearing aids will be with us!!! this is an event that we do only once a year!!! Please call if you need an appointment or assistance to HEAR 4 U telephones:  775-2603, 777-8022 or whatsApp 6378-3550.  We are in the tower of HOSPITAL CHIRIQUÍ offices # 305 & 306. Third floor.







Hear 4 U, Inc., S.A.
Hospital Chiriquí
#305 Y #306
Ave. 3ra y Calle Central
David, Chiriquí, Rep. de Panamá
Phone: (507)-777-8022 O 775-2603
Fax: Fax: 305-247-8228

Cel.:  (507)-6659-4636



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Very professional company. I have two hearing aids that I purchased from them. Their tests were also approved, at the time I got mine, with the Veterans Administration(I don't know if they continue the service with VA). As a matter of fact the VA made the appointment with them for me. Highly recommend them and some of the Resound Hearing Aids are compatable with some cell phones for adjustments of the hearing aids.

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I concur with Hil .... I purchased two hearings aids just last year - via the FMP (Foreign Medical Program) - the Veterans Administration. 

The entire staff at the Chiriqui Hospital are courtesy, knowledgeable and very professional.  In addition, they are bi-lingual, which is a plus, if needed.  They offer a variety of hearing aid products - I opted for the Resound brand (my wife loves them 9_9).

The communication throughout the entire process, was great!!  I plan on attending one day during this Open House just to meet Dra. Michelle Couture-Souvenir, whom I communicated with, via email, during my experience purchasing my hearing aids.  I have had quarterly follow-up appointments just to check on my hearing aids (and to tweak them a bit).  

This is a great place to go if you are a Veteran and need to establish your hearing loss.  They will perform the necessary hearing exam and assist you with the preparation of the required DBQ.  But, you do not need to be a Veteran to use their service --- anyone can benefit from their expertise and outstanding service  - as it pertains to your hearing loss.

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5 hours ago, Hear 4 U Audiology said:

Thanks everyone for you kind comments.  We take pride in improving quality of life through better hearing.  Stay tuned for our upcoming "Open House" in January 2019.  Best Wishes towards a healthy and prosperous New Year!

Good news to see this reply. I definitely am interested in hearing more (pardon the pun) about your services for vets. The VA had me go to Panama City about a month ago. Having something local (well, David is almost local for me) would be a tremendous plus.

Please post details of your upcoming open house event during January 2019 here on CL.

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 Good day Bud  and happy new year! 

 This is how it works with the VA: 

 If you are service-connected for hearing loss and enrolled in the foreign medical plan (FMP)  you are eligible to receive hearing aids through us. We would need documentation of for your service connected disability,  a current hearing evaluation, and a VAFMP claim form completed in our office. 

 If you are not service-connected for hearing loss, you would need to submit to the US Embassy to start the process for a compensation and pension disability evaluation. After this process, if deemed eligible, we could begin the process, pending that you are enrolled with the FMP program.

 Our open house is being held at the Hear 4 U - Panama clinic located on the third floor in hospital Chiriqui.

We will be offering complementary consultation and hearing aid demonstration. To make an appointment for one of these days please call the clinic at 777–8022 .

The dates for the open house will beJanuary 29, 30th, and 31st.   I will be visiting the clinic during this time. Feel free to share this information with any of your friends. Thank you! All the best! 

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