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Panama moving  on   city  traffic signage

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THE  NEW YEAR  in  Panama City began with a $1.4 million dollar signage program aimed at reducing the growing chaos on the capital’s streets.

The Transportation Authority  (ATTT), has launched an “intense” horizontal and vertical road marking program which will mean some early traffic delay pain as work goes on,  rewarded with what the  ATTT hopes will be smoother traffic flow  – if drivers pay attention.

Among the areas Identified where work will be in progress are:

  • Carretera Transístmica (section from San Isidro, in the district of San Miguelito to the Aleman Johnson Bridge / Ancha-Colón stream).
  • Avenida Brasil-Ramon Arias
  • Avenue Israel (from the Via Brasil roundabout to the intersection with Calle 50)
  • Avenue Transístmica (from the intersection with Ave. Martín Sosa to the intersection of Calle del Ingenio, with Ave. Fernández de Córdoba)
  • Avenue October 12
  • Calle 50 (from the intersection with Vía Brasil to the intersection with Ave. Cincuentenario).
  • Avenue Ernesto T. Lefevre
  • El Dorado Boulevard
  • Rafael Aleman Avenue
  • Ave Cuba, Calle 61.
  • Avenida Ricardo J. Alfaro (from the San Miguelito overpass to the Transístmica. overpass



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In David you are apt to head down a oneway street , miss a stop sign that is either gone or covered by a bush.......etc etc.  Or hit by a cab or a cop ( we were) while trying to figure it out. 

Two cops on a motor bike piled into our rear quarter panel when they were right on our rear bumper.  Bill slowed to make a turn ...but by then they were already bouncng off our new truck and sliding on the street.  Ended up we shook hands and parted ways.  It was their fault but Bill was slow on turning on his signal and making the turn.  We still have the silhouette of the two cops on the rear of the car.  Cop dents.  They were not hurt...that was the good thing.

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