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"Meet Your Medical Professional on Mondays"

The moderators of the Healthcare forum have been busy working on updating the healthcare provider's listing for Chiriqui.life.  They have met so many interesting, professionals in this ongoing effort who would like share their stories, their medical philosophies, and what they each have to offer in their own unique profession.  The first in this series will be posted tomorrow, rather than Monday, due to Christmas. 

However, the readers of Chiriqui.life can look forward to seeing a new profile each Monday as long as we have medical professionals willing to take the time for the in-depth interview necessary.  They are a busy group in general and it's not always easy for them to find time to talk about themselves.  If our readers are acquainted with a licensed medical professional they would like to see profiled in the future, please send your suggestions to health.info@chiriqui.life or PM Doug and Jo directly. 

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1 hour ago, Dottie Atwater said:

I wish some medical person in this area is knowledgeable about bio-identical hormones!

In the U.S.this is generally done by hormone specialists.  Endocrinologists.  There is one in David at Mae Lewis. Dr. Alvaro Pachon Burgos phone, 775-4176.  You could try checking with him, if you haven't already.  With enough demand, he might be willing to begin offering the therapy, or at least discuss alternatives.

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50 minutes ago, Dottie Atwater said:

Thanks for the tip. Does he speak any English?

I'm sorry, Dottie, I don't know.  I haven't personally spoken with him.  My gut guess however is the more specialized, the more likely to speak English.  Endocrinology is one of the most gruelling trainings, as it includes Internal Medicine specialty before going to the subspecialty of endocrinology (in the U.S.).  If you find out, though, let me know.

Chiriqui.life healthcare Resources lists him as "good English".

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