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  1. The Healthcare Resource List was updated today to add a clinic which has opened in Alto Boquete in San Francisco Plaza.
  2. Meet A Medical Professional: Britzeitha Britton Autism Specialist (Master's Degree), Phonoaudiologist (B.S) by Jo Johnson Most people who will read this article do not suffer from Autism or have a family who does, but this disturbing condition has touched many of our lives. Most of us know some family struggling with the difficult situation of a child with Autism. Simply getting the child diagnosed correctly often takes years, and once diagnosed, finding the best path for each child can be extremely frustrating. In most of the Western World, the condition is hard to
  3. As of now, no certificate or Yellow Fever vaccination is required for travel to Cali. This information is from COPA. As with any foreign travel, it is always wise to check ahead before making final travel arrangements.
  4. In doing some preliminary research before posting this article, I came across some interesting things to know. There is no cure for the disease, but most people recover within 5 days or so with hospitalization. But many relapse shortly thereafter, and the mortality rate among those who didn't fully recover within a week approaches 50%. It's clearly not something you want to experience.
  5. Currently, there is an outbreak of Yellow Fever in the country of Brazil, located primarily in three states there. Although the country is trying to vaccinate its vulnerable population, the effort is far behind schedule and there is real concern that the outbreak will spread. Colombia is now requiring that foreign visitors show proof of Yellow Fever vaccination or show a certificate of exemption prior to entering the country as a preemptive measure. if you are planning to visit Colombia in the future, please follow these steps to ensure your entry to Colombia: If you have previousl
  6. The Resource Listing has been updated to include information regarding Policlinica, which amazingly had never even been mentioned in previous versions of the listing. Tip of the hat to Betty Landis for noting the omission.
  7. The Healthcare Resource Listing has been updated again today to add three new physicians in Boquete, a Podiatrist, and two primary care physicians. As always, we appreciate tips, suggestions, corrections from the community in order to keep the listing as current and accurate as possible.
  8. Meet a Medical Professional--Bixby Tapiero, MS Nutrition and Dietetics By Jo Johnson During one recent Tuesday Talk (BCP) I first heard the name Bixby Tapiero, a licensed Nutritionist who obtained one of her many degrees from Andrews University in Michigan. That happens to be the alma mater of my brother and sister-in-law, so I just had to meet her. As you will see in this article, Bixby's path has crossed my family's path many, many times. It is a wonder our families haven't met her before. I cannot begin to write everything I've learned about her, but Doug and I found he
  9. Meet a Medical Professional-- Teofilo Gozaine, MD, ENT (by Jo Johnson) The first time I met Dr. Teofilo Gozaine, I knew I wanted to find out more about him. I think our readers will find him to be extremely qualified, competent, accessible, and handsome (a quality that never hurts!) Dr. Gozaine was born in David, Panama. When he was a youngster, his father was the Senator representing Chiriqui, and today his brother is the current Senator representing David. His parents still live in David, as well as his two brothers. The Gozaine family is involved in several bus
  10. On Monday, January 1, look for our interview here with an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. We anticipate that you will discover another interesting medical professional in this upcoming profile. He was educated and licensed in the U.S., and we are fortunate that he has returned to Panama to continue his practice here. Our first profile, of Jessica Bell, physical therapist, resulted in a number of people seeking her services who stated that they had read about her here at Chiriqui.life. Our hope was that these profiles would provide interesting and useful information for the community an
  11. Meet a Medical Professional Jessica Bell, Physical Therapist (By Jo Johnson) I'm excited to start our new series where we will highlight a medical professional in Chiriqui Province. I couldn't think of a better person to profile as the initial installment in this series than Jessica Bell. I had an inflamed Achilles heel last year and had allowed it to go on untreated for nearly a year. As it continued to worsen I realized I needed to undergo a procedure in Houston. I elected to try a stem cell injection, hoping to avoid surgery. I was much improved, but still not abl
  12. "Meet Your Medical Professional on Mondays" The moderators of the Healthcare forum have been busy working on updating the healthcare provider's listing for Chiriqui.life. They have met so many interesting, professionals in this ongoing effort who would like share their stories, their medical philosophies, and what they each have to offer in their own unique profession. The first in this series will be posted tomorrow, rather than Monday, due to Christmas. However, the readers of Chiriqui.life can look forward to seeing a new profile each Monday as long as we have medical professi
  13. The announcement yesterday in a joint presentation by Irma and Dr Diaz at the Tuesday Talk is that Keep it Simple Panama's health advocate service will be part of the Boquete Medical Associates membership plan. Dr. Diaz did use the term "merger", but it became clear that she didn't mean that in any legal sense. Instead, KISP and BMA will share medical files on patients needing medical care or Services in David, set up appointments with specialists, procure ambulances, and obtain discounts beyond Jubilado at hospitals and clinics. Their goal is to provide health care for residents in Boq
  14. Significant updates have been made to the Healthcare Resource list this month. New healthcare professionals have been added, and some corrections have been made. Many are affiliated with Boquete Medical and Associates who will see patients at Alfa Clinica adjacent to La Reyna department store in downtown Boquete. As always, if you see anything on the listing that needs updating, correction, or even deletion, please PM or email to health.info@chiriqui.life . It requires a group effort to keep the listing current and accurate. Recommendations are welcome!
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