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A type NXT small aircraft, which is a racing design, crashed on takeoff this afternoon when the pilot lost control and dove into the runway. He was the only one aboard. The plane was registered in Canada

This is what an NXT looks like. I am not sure if aircraft in this clip is the same one that crashed or not but it appears it was built in Panama.







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Canadian pilot killed in small plane crash in Panama City

The Associated Press Posted: Dec 20, 2017 9:49 PM ET Last Updated: Dec 20, 2017 9:49 PM ET

Authorities in Panama say a Canadian pilot has died after crashing in his small plane shortly after takeoff.

Video published by local media show the aircraft plunging into the ground Wednesday after lifting off from the Marcos A. Gelabert airport, next to a shopping mall in Panama City.

Capt. Robert Katz of Panama's civil aviation authority said the man had sold the plane and planned to fly it to the U.S. for delivery.

Katz says he watched the takeoff and "obviously it was very shocking."

Global Affairs Canada confirmed the death, with a spokesperson saying, "Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the Canadian citizen that passed away in Panama."

"Consular officials stand ready to provide consular assistance to family as required. To protect the privacy of the family concerned, further details on this case cannot be released."

* I also read where the pilot had more than 50 years of experience. 


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Pilot killed in Albrook Airport  crash

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THE PILOT of a small plane died in an accident shortly after takeoff at 1.24 pm at Marcos A Gelabert Airport in Albrook.on Wednesday, December 20.

The director of the Civil Aeronautics Authority, Alfredo Fonseca Mora, said that the air accident occurred in an experimental aircraft.



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Killed Canadian pilot was US bound

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THE CANADIAN pilot who died shortly after taking off from Marcos A. Gelabert Airport, in Albrook on Wednesday. December 20 had more than 50 years flying experience.

plane-1.jpg Ronald Simard, was heading for the United States to sell the experimental plane when he lost control at some 20 feet off the ground say media reports.

In videos circulating on social networks, the plane can be seen making several turns before Ronald Simard,  lost control, diving to the ground where the impact scattered parts across the runway.

Emergency crews rushed to the site but the pilot was already dead.

Civil Aviation Authority, officials confirmed that experts in aerial accidents investigation are analyzing the causes of the mishap.

Simard-fanatico-carros-carrera-modificados_LPRIMA20171221_0011_35.jpgSimard, an engineer, originally from Saskatchewan retired with his wife to Chame, Panama West.  eight years ago. His shared recreational passions were small planes, flying and racing cars say Canadian media reports.













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