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Two Policia Nacional Officers Shot and Killed in Chilibre

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Two police officers gunned down


TWO  National Police  officers were gunned down at a check point on the Corridoe=r North in Chilibre, on Saturday, October 14.

The victims were First corporal Ernaldo Córdoba and agent Juan Martin.

TVN reports that they were killed with shotgun blasts to the head.

The murders took place   in an area known as El Trébol,

Public Security Minister Alexis Bethancourt and police director Omar Pinzón went to the scene to coordinate a massive manhunt which is ongoing. Further details will be released during the day.



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Posted on October 15, 2017 in Panama

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THE ALLEGED  killers of two National policemen who were gunned down on the Corridor North on Saturday, August 14 will appear in court  on Monday October 16;

They will face charges for the murder of Corporal Hernaldo Córdoba and agent Juan Martin, before a Judge  ofGuarantees.

will face this Monday, October 16, a hearing to charge charges at 10:30 a.m. at  the headquarters of the accusatory criminal system (SPA), in Ágora square,

The suspects were apprehended following the assassinations and there is a minor under investigation according to the Public Ministry.

The bodies of the police were found at the exit of the Panama-Colón highway, in the Chilibre district   (North Panama). Both gents had bullet wounds on the head. One was inside the police busito and the other face down at the side of the vehicle.



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17 hours ago, Moderator_02 said:

Three suspects in this case were arraigned yesterday.

3 men in court in police murders


THE PRELIMINARY hearing against three men facing accusations of murdering two National Police officers, were held behind closed doors on Monday  October 16 at the request of the prosecution.

The  two policemen, agent Juan Martin and first corporal Ernaldo Córdoba. were killed with shots to the head on Saturday, October 14 in Chilibre in an area known as El Trébol

Accused are  construction workers  Giovanny Ureña de Gracia, 27, and Daniel Enrique Gálvez, 22, and mechanic Ricardo Caballero, 20.


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