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I just stopped by Milan Italia the new cafe next to Movistar.   The owner is Mauricio and his son Jordon is barista. I got a delicious coffee ($2) and some macaron made by Mauricio's wife ( .60 each.) They also had tiramisu, croissant, focaccia, and lots more in addition to the menu items. I attached a copy of the menu. Today was their first day open. I will definitely return. I believe they are open 7 (or 7:30) to 5:30. I forgot to check the days they are closed, I was so excited!



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Marcelyn and I, along with friend Penny Barrett, had dinner last night at this new eatery in Boquete: Milan Italia. The ambiance was warm and inviting, and we were surprised at the beautifully matching chairs and tables (read probably fairly expensive), etc. Even more impressive was the attentive and competent customer service.

I had expected a typical Italian cuisine, but concluded after reading the menu and talking with our waiter, that this is a new restaurant in Boquete that is owned by Italians. Sure, there were some Italian dishes, but there were non-Italian dishes as well. Not a big deal, but I mention this only because the Italian "label" that I had heard about really didn't fit the situation that I saw.

Marcelyn and I had an eggplant dish that was vegetarian and simply called "Parmigiana". It was not a pasta dish, but rather a layered eggplant dish. Excellent tasting, and ample serving size. We generally order one entré and then split it between the two of us. Still had plenty to eat. Marcelyn went bonkers over the dessert selection, and so we split a chocolate item, but I can't remember its name.

BTW, there were no alcoholic beverages available. It wasn't clear if wine and beer, etc., might be coming in the future after licensing issues are completed, or they choose not to have alcoholic beverages. Good selection of non-alcoholic beverages, though.

We plan to return to try some different dishes.

Here are the business card and another copy of the menu. Here are the phone and email in case the business card image is hard to read: 6954-3036, milanitaliapanama@gmail.com.



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I ate there on Sunday with Bud and Marcelyn and wanted to share some of my observations. It's obvious the owners have put a lot of money into this place and the rent is most certainly high in this new building (Dona Mirta). I thought the menu for dinner was very limited -- some lasagna dishes and one eggplant parmesano. I ordered the vegatarian lasagna and am almost positive I ended up with the 4cheese lasagna as it was very cheesy and sin vegetales. It was good though, but too rich for my digestive system (read "heartburn").

I also thought the dishes looked very lonely on the large plate. No salad, no pickle, no carrot stick, nothing but the main course in the middle of the plate. The service was good but we were the only 3 diners in the place so good service should have been fairly easy for them.

The place is almost a duplicate of Otto's on main street but no wine or beer. I don't think it will be able to compete with Otto's in the long run unless they learn to do some advertising to gringos and expand the menu.


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On Monday, June 19, 2017 at 2:59 PM, Nada said:

Went there this morning. They are actually closed on Monday not Tuesday.

Thanks for the correction.  Their original flyer said Tuesday.  Maybe changed because of the influx of people on Tuesday to the BCP.

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Buenas soy Mauricio de Milan Italia

Tengo a precisar que el local es: Cafeteria - Pasteleria - Panaderia - Gastronomia ITALIANA en eso sentido, no tenemos nadie de competencia y la buena inversión e para que los clientes la disfruten.

Estamos abierto desde la 8 a.m. hasta la 5.30 de la tarde y para ahora, abemos pensado de cerrar el domingo - Por tanto, para el momento, no servimos la cena.

A la orden!


Milan Italia Boquete

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Yesterday we enjoyed an Italian ham & mushroom pizza at Milano Italia. Tasty and with thin crust, just like we like pizza. This very clean and decorated restaurant is located on the corner opposite the new public school in Bajo Boquete.

Take out pizza and delicious pastries are also on the menu. 

I think Milano Italia is becoming one of our favorite eateries in town. ?





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Where is the pizza menu?

The one time I went to Milan Italiano there was no pizza at lunch. Maybe a broken pizza oven or something; I don't know. None of us understood the waiter's explanation. One of the group ordered a rare steak and a got a well done steak, which she sent back and refused to pay for. Only the diner who ordered the chicken was really pleased. Maybe just a bad day.

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