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  1. Hi All- We'd like some recommendations for someone who can work on a stream we have running through our property. Specifically, we need someone who can work with the authorities to get permits to install a culvert. The stream flows through a culvert under the road and comes between our, and our neighbor's, property which, during the wet season, causes massive erosion which we have to remediate every couple of years. Complicating the issue is that all the water pipes to homes in the area come out of that culvert under the road, so that needs to be dealt with. We'd like to find a longer term so
  2. Good Lord, I've taken yoga classes for years, and not once, has an instructor ever touched me. Not once. But he found it necessary to touch multiple people multiple times? And of what relavence does the me too movement have to do with it?
  3. I noticed that yesterday. I was trying to get to a posted classified and no matter what I did it took me to the top of a scrolling list and I never did find the ad despite spending 10 minutes or so screwing around with it.
  4. Small, 700 SqF house with amazing terrace views all the way to the Frontera . One bedroom (upstairs) one and a half bath house located in a rural neighborhood in Jaramillo Abajo, yet only 6 minute drive from Bajo Boquete. Dorado’s market and Caballero’s veggies are only a 3 minute drive. Many taxis available and a twice daily bus. This is a beautiful neighborhood with a mix of Panamanians and expats. The house has one queen bedroom and a full bath with brand new walk-in shower upstairs. The kitchen is outfitted with a five burner stove, quality cookware and appliances. The food processor,
  5. until

    It's definitely 4-7. I think it was posted with the wrong time zone.
  6. No. Thin rubber soles will not protect you from lightening. Think of all the hikers who are hit by lightening each year. Anyway, I'm not convinced she wasn't wearing shoes. I have never seen her walking around barefoot. And a lightning strike could easily have blown her shoes off.
  7. They are the same shop located next to Union Fenosa. They're moving to the new location and adding some services.
  8. Keep in mind, any event that occurs while receiving a treatment or medication is considered an adverse event but it's not necessarily causal. For instance, if you get this vaccine, then go out for a nice spicy Mexican dinner which is followed by a case of heartburn, that heartburn will be considered an adverse event.
  9. "Daily service starting at 1:00" So $60 for a half day. If they get customers, I'm quitting my day job and will charge $50 for the same service starting at 8am. ?
  10. Jeebus! $60 to pick up groceries? My grocery bill is only $40 a week. And $60 for house and pet sitting? I've been using the same amazing person for seven years for $20 per day.
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