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Quick Review of the "New" Big Daddy's Restaurant

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On Martyr's Day 2017 (January 9th), Marcelyn and I stopped by the new Big Daddy's Restaurant for lunch. It is located on the main street in Boquete just north of Plaza Los Establos and across from the Black and White Restaurant. It was our first time there in a very long time, and also the first time for us after the transition to its new owner: Chef Chris. It turned out that we got to meet and chat at length with Chris.

I confess up front that Marcelyn and I are onion-ring-a-holics, and so we of course ordered the onion rings. Marcelyn's main course was the chicken fingers, and I -- as a Texas born and raised kid -- did a bowl of chili and rice (not including the optional beans). We both wanted to order batidos, but given that there was the regional power outage affecting most of Chiriqui, Big Daddy's was not able to prepare those drinks and so we had a coke. Service was excellent, the food was excellent, and the conversation with Chris was excellent. If I had to give a complaint it would be that the servings were quite large, and so we had a "take out" package to take home with us.

We recommend that you give the new Big Daddy's a try. We did not look into the patio area, given that it was very rainy and windy. Will try that area in the near future. We also recommend that if you go for lunch that you get there before too much after 12 noon because the place filled up and people were waiting. As soon as we vacated our table, it was serviced and another couple sat down. There were many younger people, obviously tourists to our way of thinking given the various languages we were hearing, and so the word is apparently out on the various websites as to where to go for good food and service in Bajo Boquete.

Here is a picture of the onion rings (with a few of them already eaten as we couldn't wait to sink our teeth into them) -- yummy, yummy, may be the best in town:

2017-01-09 11.49.39.jpg

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45 minutes for two fish filets(small squares) 4 inches square, bad taste, four spoon fulls of cole slaw cut in large slices, curly fries, two glasses of lemonaide ($2 a glass) and price $27 for two total. Not for me. I spoke with Chris about how long it took. He didn't have much to say. And, my girlfriend has a relative working there out front. I have to say the staff out front is ok. The portions seem to be smaller under the new owner/management and the prices are much higher. So, I'll do Sabrasons and get more and better food. Pretty difficult to make a piece of fish 4 inches square taste bad. I can get a serious nice seafood plater in one of David's nice restaurants for $15 (including  drinks) and three could eat from it. So, $4 for gas to and from David is a good couple of hours spent.  And I'm talking everything that swims in the pacifice on this plater. There are better choices in Boquete and David. As for giving the owner/manager time to get it right------he's been doing this for a good while. Sorry, I'll go elsewhere.

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