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New Lighthouse Park near Los Molinos

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Boquete's New Lighthouse Park - The Visitor / El Visitante

R. Guillen

This post is also available in: Spanish

Boquete’s New Lighthouse Park. The town of Boquete in the province of Chiriquí, will soon have a new tourist attraction never seen before in Panama; It is called “Parque el Faro” (“Lighthouse Park”) an attraction that will have a lighthouse of approximately 39 meters high from which visitors using observation deck binoculars will have a magnificent view of the area, even down to the sea.

Boquete’s New Lighthouse Park: an illustration of the new public space.

The project will feature attractions for all ages. The lighthouse, which will be the main attraction, will have an observation deck in the middle of the structure and another at the top. Here, visitors can make use of high-powered panoramic binoculars to view two canyons, the towns of Barú, David, and Boquete, a great waterfall during six months of the year and 13 islands in the Pacific Ocean on the coast of Chiriquí, which are located about 71 km away.

Another of the attractions that the park will feature is the “Super Playground”, a children’s play area which is expected to be the largest in Panama and Central America with 588 square meters of space where children can play on Liben Play play park equipment, a brand recognized worldwide as being one of the best in this field. The equipment and parts of the playground were ordered directly from the Liben Play factory in Wenzhou, China, known as the world’s capital of playground equipment, to ensure the safety of the kids.


The lighthouse under construction.

Parque El Faro will also have a tricycle racing track, where children will be able to enjoy not only a moment of fun but also learn about road and safety regulations in the streets, since the track has signage that simulates those on the streets. This attraction will have 274 square meters of track and children can choose to ride tricycles that suit their ages and sizes. There is a set of tricycles for children from 2 to 3 years, small and low to the ground to avoid falls, Another set of slightly larger tricycles are available for children from 4 to 5 years and eight different types of tricycles designed specifically for this track for children from 5 to 7 years. The track will have lane crossings, traffic lights and solar energy lights.

The project is designed to bring a different kind of fun to the communities in the Boquete area, since there are not many options for good family entertainment. The lighthouse will provide a first-class attraction at an affordable cost, as it is planned to set the admission price at $3.75 for the general public, $2.50 for students and $1.50 for children under the age of 10. The community of Boquete will benefit most from this project as tourism is expected to increase in the area, and the project will generate new jobs for members of the community.


The tricycle racing track.

The official construction began on June 5, 2016 and is already in the first stage of development. The terrain has been leveled and the foundations of the lighthouse are already being installed. Following the current construction rhythm and according to the documents submitted to the authorities, the project is expected to be completed around July 2017.

But the question we all ask ourselves is: – Why a Lighthouse in Boquete? A lighthouse is a building that houses a signal for ships, but with advances in technology, these structures have lost their use, giving way to marine radars. Now there is a new trend to appreciate the lighthouses as historic buildings. Around the world there are several groups of enthusiasts who like to visit lighthouses in different countries. One of these groups is “Lighthouse Digest” a publication of FogHorn Publishing in the United States, which talks about maritime issues but with special emphasis on lighthouses and in the past, groups like this have already shown interest in visiting the new attraction in Boquete by the time it is completed in 2017.




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Progress continues on this "lighthouse" just a bit north of Los Molinos. I think of this project more as an observation tower or lookout post, but apparently it is being called a lighthouse. Hmmmm.

Here is a picture taken on July 13th. Not the best imagery possible, since this picture was taken through a rainy windshield.


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There is a Baptist church in Dolega named El Faro. 

Different kind of symbolism than guiding ships off the rocks, however.

A "guiding light" has lots of themes.

A side benefit if the beacon is bright enough would be help to the pilots find DAV.

I think during feria the park would do very well, the tower would be a great view for foto ops.

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