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  1. Rhetorical question? "Many members are complaining" was how it was explained to me. I can wait for others to provide an explanation. Or you could provide one, Penny? The admins have cautioned me yet again about how valuable Keith is to the activity count here on CL. Apparently some of my replies have already been blocked. Or we looking at a rebirth of boquete.org here? Keith provides traffic to CL, pretty much non-stop. Much of it is irrelevant to Boquete or even Chiriqui. But it is activity so that's good. I was invited to join CL, by the admins. I apologize for being such a disappointment. (The odds on anyone seeing this post are slim.) jim
  2. And from a life-long resident of Boquete from before the time of arrows painted at the street corners. He was also doubtful about a new Panamonte bridge.
  3. OK, I had to contact some family to get their view, here is what I learned. Calle 4a between Av. Central y Centenario is two way. Leaving Baru toward the park one can go straight or turn right but no left turn toward Los Cabezos. Traffic either way on Av. Central may not make a left turn at Calle 4a as Keith noted. They also said it would all soon be a moot point as the water project is about to tear up Central to install sewer lines. No idea on how long that was going to take.
  4. Spanish arrows! OMG, I spit my coffee reading that one! The system is really simple, if you see arrows, choose one and follow it. It ain't rocket surgery.
  5. My wish would be to clean up that mess of technology on the peak. Probably too much to hope for. Maybe when the cable car system from Volcán is built?
  6. For the record. I do not care for the latest upgrade to CL. The enhanced reputation (including a name change to "reactions") claims to make CL more like facebook. Being more like facebook should not be a goal for a forum platform. The goal of a forum should be to provide information, news, or events of interest to the members for discussion and reference. The main rating system should be: is it useful to me, or not useful to me. IMHO, TMI, LOL, and AFAIK. jim
  7. Interesting bit of for sale news about the island's history. https://www.prlog.org/10182649-worlds-most-expensive-island-listed-with-costa-rica-real-estate-experts-buyingcr.html
  8. Seems like a valid legal request by his lawyers. The headline is just for sensationalism effect. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/article163335338.html PS. Bud, did I fianally get the formatting right? Still learning.
  9. Back in the day when ladies were "married" to their house after leaving their factory jobs that saved the world.
  10. Then there was the map I posted showing one way traffic.
  11. There was a lot going on in Panama during the Vietnam years. Some of it still hasn't been written about, maybe never will be. Panama was a "proving ground" for projects due to its similar environment. Probably not our finest hours.
  12. Same thing in 1980's Venezuela, anything less than a quarter Bolivar was called "puyas". Vendors rounded up all the prices to the nearest quarter. Venezuela rapidly struck coins of alloy material as the silver content was many times more valuable. The puyas did make great washers for hardware.
  13. I say grant no "quarter" in this battle, Dan. Depending on the outcome of the Martinelli legal battles, there might be some history value. At the moment, it is mostly a coin toss as to the outcome. I would probably just play the slots. But then I still have a locha from 1980's Venezuela, one half of 2 bits.
  14. I don't think your views should warrant any blow-back, facts are facts. Boquete has a geological problem, it occupies the bottom of a valley that resembles a crater and there is just not enough real estate. Add the practice of only stocking when the store is open (to be able to keep an eye on workers) and shoppers are present, and the shopping experience is not going to be great. The locals shop several times a week; their shopping trips are brief so they don't see the stockers as a problem plus they are hardly ever in a hurry. Maybe when that Buena Vista mall at Volcancito road is finished it will alleviate some of the hassle?
  15. Maybe https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g612409-d4817405-Reviews-Fanny_s_Terrace_Bistro-Cerro_Punta_Chiriqui_Province.html
  16. What a great way to start the morning! (Next week, leave a piggy bank. Ya nevah know! )
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