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Mr. Dog, in David - Super Customer Service!!


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Marcelyn has wanted an engraved metal dog tag for Anouk from the time that Anouk arrived at our place as a rescue dog about six weeks ago. As a stopgap measure, I used our label printing device to make some labels with Anouk's name and our home telephone number, but those tags obviously are not as durable as a metal tag. Marcelyn had read about an upcoming ARF event (October 1st) at which the business "Mr. Dog" (located in David) would be attending and be able to make custom engraved metal dog tags. However, we will not be able to attend that event, and so we made a dedicated trip to David yesterday afternoon (in the heavy rain, duh!) to get a metal dog tag for Anouk.

I tried to prepare myself in advance for finding the business by doing the usual Goggle search and studying of the maps, etc. However, at my advanced age nothing ever really goes as planned. We ended up parking ourselves in a Romero grocery store parking lot that is across the street from the Felipe Rodriguez tire dealership. We then called Mr. Dog. A male answered, and I tried to talk with him in Spanglish, but that didn't work too well (my fault, not his). Then he turned the telephone over to another person who did speak very good English. Rather than try to give me directions, this second person suggested that I remain in the parking lot, and got the description of our vehicle, gave us the description of his vehicle, and suggested that we wait about ten minutes. What the hey. We agreed. This was a first for us. We thought -- what outstanding customer service!

Lo and behold in about ten minutes there he was. He came over to our vehicle (I was standing next to our car, but under the parking cover so that neither of us would get wet). He then stated how we would caravan over to their business location, and that if we were to get separated that he would pull over and wait for us.

We arrived at the Mr. Dog business in about ten minutes, got out of our vehicle, and then did the introductions. The store owner is Carlos, and he is the one who answered our telephone call. It was his son, Joel, who did the escort duty.

Joel showed us around their store. Marcelyn then described what she was wanting to purchase. Joel pulled out their inventory of metal dog tags, discussed some of the characteristics of them, answered our questions, etc. Marcelyn made her selection, and opted to get two metal dog tags, each of a different style. Per Joel's recommendation the only information to be placed on the tags was Anouk's name and our home telephone number. He then asked that we write down the information so as to be sure that there was no misspelling or transposed numbers, etc. In about five minutes Marcelyn had her two custom engraved metal dog tags. These custom engraved metal dog tags are of good quality, and good value; one was $6.00 and the other was $7.00.

Mr. Dog is located in Plaza Mallorca in David. I suspect that no one reading this posting will have any idea where Plaza Mallorca is located, so, it is on the original one-way street in David (the street on which immigration had been located many years ago, but somewhat closer to the InterAmerican Highway). There is a Puma filling station on the corner across the street. Also, the radio station "Megamix" is said to be across the street (but I did not see any signs to that effect but I wasn't looking because we were already at the store).

Here are the front and back of Mr. Dog's business card:

Mr Dog business card_Page_1.jpg  Mr Dog business card_Page_2.jpg

The contact information on the card may be difficult to read, so here is the important stuff:

A Google search turns up a different landline telephone number -- 730-7423 -- so I don't know which is correct, perhaps both.

Joel relayed a story to us about his tenure with a US restaurant chain from several years prior. He indicated that he had gone through some of their training sessions, one of which was on customer service. That must have been one powerhouse of a training session because customer service was oozing from his every pore.

You can't go wrong with this place based on our experience. Good location, no parking problems, good selection of pet related items (we didn't see any foods or medicines, however), good quality and value for the prices charged, and great customer service.

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I made a dog bed  out of two cardboard GAGO boxes (which are amazingly sturdy) I got in Pricesmart.  Dog loves it.  I joined two together with plastic packing tape and covered the box with plastic garbage bags.  Old pillows covered in old sheets.  I can wash the sheets.  Flossy is a medium sized dog.



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