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Whatever Happened to ..Don Winner?

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The purpose of this post is to provide a link and the essence of some of the information that is posted around the Internet.

For those who may not know the background here, Don Winner operates (or did operate?) a website called Panama-Guide that focuses on Panama. That is a paid subscription website. Here is a link to that site: http://www.panama-guide.com/.

Disclaimer: what I write hereinafter are not my words, but rather assertions by others related to Don Winner and his website.

Don Winner and that website are not without controversy, in that there are web postings (on sites other than Panama-Guide) to the effect (again these are not my words, but rather excerpts from various postings around the Internet) that it is a "scam", a "fraud", that Don Winner is a "compulsive liar", and that his associates are under investigation for "defrauding" newcomers in Panama, sometimes of sums of money larger than $100,000.00 USD.

On the positive side, Don Winner is credited at times with being a good investigator/investigative reporter.

As best I can tell as of this date, Don's last posting on his website was June 18th, 2015. I am not a subscriber, and so there may be postings of a later date that I am not able to see while in "lurk mode".

You get to decide for yourself what the truth is. If any of you have more definitive information, please post here.

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Don Winner was always a bigger than life character in the early days of the gringo migration to Panama. He feuded with two "journalists" Okke Ornstein (since disappeared) and Eric Jackson (still around). To his credit, he was the force behind the investigation and arrest of Wild Bill in Bocas del Toro. Wild Bill probably murdered a half dozen people or more and is currently housed in the prison in David where, it is reported, he has found religion and preaches. The Investigation Discovery Channel (# 67 on CableOnda) occasionally shows the documentary about Wild Bill and Don Winner is interviewed extensively on that documentary.

The last I heard was that the speculation was that he had left Panama to move to Miami although the business card appears to put him in New York.

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Don Winner, his long-standing feuds with Okke Ornstein, & Eric Jackson...pretty glad this is mostly a thing of the past.

Ornstein & Jackson had both been sued by various persons I believe Mr. Winner was one) here in Panama on criminal "crimes against honor". I believe these laws are no longer on the books as criminal violations.

If you are believer in free speech, you might be interested in the following talk given by Mr. Ornstein about the plausibility of setting up free speech zones throughout the world:


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Don Winner did not uncover wild bill it was the Bush brothers in Bouquette Don Winner was working with wild bill to get rid of the properties he was stealing from the killed victims Winner even bragged how he was a good  friend and drinking buddy to wild bill .Winner Used his blog to sell the properties for which he profited. Then to save his ass he acted like he caught wild bill. Winner was nothing but a crook a liar and fraud and used his blog site to extort money from hiS victims. Put crap on his site and would only remove it if they paid.

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