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Anyone noticed the new street signs being erected lately?


Actually Avenida Central used to be called Avenida de los Fundadores but that's a lot to put on a sign.

Calle Central begins at the Revilla intersection unlike many other Central American cities and towns where Calle Central starts at the main park or or square.

photo by C. Crawford

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21 hours ago, TwoSailors said:

This is great! What's next?

Actual house and business numbers?o.O

How difficult would this be to implement in town, even unofficially?  It's really not that complicated to cooperate to number a block of buildings.  Business owners should be motivated to help new customers locate their place of business, I'd think.

This isn't exactly a radical concept that has never been successful when implemented.

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Back in Michigan I was a mail junkie. In fact I had a business where 95% of the revenue arrived each morning with the mail. I've now been in Panama for about 13 years and I can count the letters I've received on the fingers of one hand and I love not getting mail.

No house numbers; no mail delivery, please.

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Some people like to send birthday cards, but I have discouraged that.  If sent to the Boquete p.o., they sometimes don't arrive.  If sent to a Miami mail forwarder, you have to pay $2 or more to receive it.  So all cards come by email now.  But it's not really the same.

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4 hours ago, Keith Woolford said:

Living here one finds out that traditional mail is really unnecessary for everything except packages. 



I used to have a PO Box in Panama City for business and personal use until this year.  I decided not to have it anymore because I did not use it.  I received the invoices, statements,etc online.  I receive my mail and communications from the companies in the US, Central America and Panama by email.  The legal documents, small packages with brochures, literature, samples, etc I do receive from the companies in US are by courier like UPS, FEDEX and DHL.  The stuff I bought in Amazon or online in the US I do received them at Airbox Express.   


The postal system in Panama or mail system was used mainly for communicating people in the interior with their family members in Panama City.  It was also used to send people their invoices or statements from the utilities services.  Now everybody in Panama owns a cell/smart phone.  All of them have installed Whatsapp.  So the communication of people are going through electronic ways.  Most utilities companies, in order to save money, paper, etc. give you the option to receive the invoices by email or other electronic media.   I do really think that the Panama Postal service will dissapear promptly and the government dont see the need to invest money in a system that is showing its decadence over the years.


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