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Drivers License Renewal

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Now that the lockdown/quarantine is in effect again. How does one renew an expired drivers license?

The time limit of 2 hrs doesn't give much time to go to David (legally), wait in line, then get license, even with an appointment

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I think the government just said “haha, fooled ya” re lockdowns.  It was clarified by Sucre last night that only weekend lockdowns apply to Chiriqui, Bocas and Colon.  Rest of the week is normal.  Shouldn’t be a problem.

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In order to renew your license you have to set up an appointment first. The problem is that if your license expires in August (like mine), there are no more appointments available in August. So, if you make an appointment for September, your license has already expired. So I brought up this problem to Sertracen (ATTT) and all they had to say was "sorry for the inconvenience". Big help!

There's a way to renew the license at their website https://www.sertracen.com.pa/ where you can attach any documents that are necessary for the renewal and can even take the two tests, audio and visual. The thing is that everything is in Spanish and you have to figure out how everything works, even if you know Spanish, as there are no instructions anywhere. Trial and error.

So good luck.

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9 minutes ago, Caldera said:

So, I cannot go wait in line like in the past?

We are told that appointments are needed; no walk-ins.

The driver license renewal procedure via the Sertracen website is something that only one local resident has reported as being successful. It took several attempts over the course of about ten days. A lot of the spent (wasted!?) was simply due to trying to understand the process flow, and where to click, etc. He is moderately competent with the Spanish language. Good luck.

One suggestion is that you document that you are attempting to renew (screenshots, etc.) so that downstream if there is a problem you have paperwork to fall back on. Don't know if it would be successful, but without you certainly will come out on the short end.

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