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American in Boquete Jailed in Pedophilia/Rape Probe

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American jailed  in  pedophilia/rape probe

Posted 08/04/2019
An American  in his early forties  is in preventive detention in Boquete charged with rape, aggravated libidinous acts and corruption of minors,

He had   been arrested by agents of the National Police, in conjunction with the Public Prosecutor's Office (MP) of Boquete, for alleged links to  child pornography, pedophilia, and possession of illicit  substances He was captured inside a hostel in Palmira de Boquete Chiriqui, after a six-months  intelligence operation  following denunciations made to the authorities.

They confiscated computers, USB sticks, CDs and other electronic devices.

On Monday, April 8 a judge of guarantees ordered the American’s provisional detention for six months while investigations continue.  Prosecutor Gissele Acosta, said that he had approached minors when they left school.



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Por  Julia Elena Alvear

En la  ciudad de Boquete, provincia  de Chiriquí  corre como pólvora  que un estadounidense  identificado como  Robert Ryan Friedler   un juez  de garantías de  la provincia de Chiriquí, le ordenó este lunes 8 de abril, la detención provisional  y se le abrió causa criminal por su presunta vinculación a delitos  sexuales de menores de edad de ambos sexos.

Friedler de 40 años,  se le imputaron los cargos por la comisión de los delitos de violación sexual, actos libidinosos  agravados y corrupción de menores.    Según un informe oficial del MInisterio Público Friedler tiene por lo menos  ocho denuncias  que involucran niños entre los 7  y  12  años  de edad.

Según explicó la personera de Boquete Gisselle Acosta este estadounidense  tenía tiempo de residir  en Boquete y tenía como modus operandis  abordar  a los niños  cuando salían de la escuela.  La funcionaria señala que lo más importante es salvaguardar la integridad de los menores.


Panamá  Press investigó  que aparece  sobre  este hombre en su país de origen.  En Estados Unidos  Robert Ryan Friedler tiene antecedentes criminales de abuso sexual de un niño,  maltrato y violencia contra su novia,  y además  denuncias muy serias porque tuvo una escuela de entrenamiento de perros en en el 2016,  animales que según denuncian más 12 personas  maltrató y abusó de ellos.  Desde joven tiene registros   por diversos delitos que han quedado anotados en su record criminal desde 1996.


En  Estados Unidos utilizó diversos  alias como Robert Smith y Ryan Thompson.

Las  autoridades no avanzaron en las denuncias contra el abuso y estafa de los perros, pero Robert Ryan Friedler violó la restricción de contactar  a su novia enviándole  un mensaje  por  facebook,  lo que provocó que lo metieran a la cárcel por violar  esta restricción.

Antes del caso de los perros  registrados en Florida,  tuvo  problemas con su novia Angela Spaulding de violencia  y maltrato, quien  lo calificó como “un sicópata”  le gusta lastimar a otras personas y animales que no pueden defenderse,  “fuí testigo de cómo Friedler abusó y mató  a su cachorro, porque  estaba ladrando y comenzó a patearlo”.

Según algunas personas  consultadas en Boquete tiene un par de años  de haber llegado a Panamá.

Sale  de prisión en el 2018,  y abre otra escuela para entrenar  perros  que nuevamente  fue denunciada.

No se tiene claro la presencia de Friedler  en Boquete  si viajaba de Estados Unidos a Panamá.   Por lo pronto las causas que tiene que enfrentar  aquí hacen pensar como salió  de los Estados Unidos y como en Panamá personas como Friedler entran al país y no son verificados con las  autoridades de sus país para  saber si tienen antecedentes.



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Well, I am guessing he is having a pretty crummy time right now and wondering whether raping kids was really worth it. Don't mistake that sentence as an expression of sympathy. Assuming the charges are true, dying in a Panamanian prison sounds about right.

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My dog Maya and I met this guy casually at Mike's a couple of times (she makes a lot of intros). He was wearing a K9 cap, introduced himself as a dog trainer, and said that he was staying at LaJungla in Palmira Centro, which is right across the street from the Centro Communal where kids go to use for internet access and other educational support. The  Corregiduria is located there and the Police have an office.

At the time of the second encounter I was notably surprised at the size of this fellow when he stood up.  I would estimate 6'6" and close to 300 lbs.  He'll lose weight here quickly if they don't ship him out.




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Ministerio Publico report.

Investigate and order detention of US citizen for sexual crimes

A 40-year-old US citizen is being detained and is being investigated by the Public Prosecutor's Office for his alleged involvement in the crime against sexual freedom and integrity, in the forms of corruption of minors, libidinous acts and rape, to the detriment of minors residents in the district of Boquete, in the province of Chiriqui.

The Municipal Personera Gisele Acosta said that the investigation began last Friday, after receiving complaints that allowed to carry out judicial proceedings in conjunction with the National Police.

According to the investigations, this citizen who had been residing in the area for some time, contacted the victims in the vicinity of an educational center.

A period of six months was given, while other judicial proceedings are carried out to determine if there are other persons linked to the facts or more victims, indicated the Personera.

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Other reports indicate that he had a fairly extensive criminal history of child, woman, and animal abuse back in the States. Undoubtedly, he was here in on tourist visa that he renewed regularly, so he didn't have to undergo a law enforcement check. With all the griping about how burdensome the enforcement of the tourist visa limitations are, has anyone considered that lax enforcement allows scum like this to remain in Panama indefinitely?

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6 minutes ago, Bonnie said:

Other reports indicate that he had a fairly extensive criminal history of child, woman, and animal abuse back in the States. Undoubtedly, he was here in on tourist visa that he renewed regularly, so he didn't have to undergo a law enforcement check. With all the griping about how burdensome the enforcement of the tourist visa limitations are, has anyone considered that lax enforcement allows scum like this to remain in Panama indefinitely?

A good opinion piece on this yesterday by Eric Jackson of Panama News.

How was he let in? Why was he let in? 


Robert Ryan Friedler, a convicted felon from Fort Myers, Florida, relocated to the Boquete area. He had done years in prison for the aggravated battery of a woman with whom he had been living, wherein he left her with multiple broken bones in her face, broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Let out after two year, he immediately violated the “stay away” order and was promptly sent back to prison. He got out and came here.

Now Mr. Friedler, who used that alias Ryan Smith while here, is accused of sexually abusing at least eight boys, aged between seven and 12 years.

The US-inspired religious hate groups are in the comment sections below newspaper articles screaming for homosexual blood, blaming such folks as Taylor Swift for Mr. Friedler’s alleged crimes because the singer believes that gay people have rights, attacking the straw man “Gender Ideology” that their US mentors coined, and of course using that to oppose sex education in the Panamanian schools so that the predatory men among them can go after little girls.

The vile xenophobes and racists are working in the same places, arguing that the problem is gringos, that all of the thousands of US citizens and Panamanian or dual citizens of that ethnicity are like that. Will candidates soon join into that chorus in search of  votes?

It’s a dangerous social situation for more than one community, due to the acts of one man. But he’s not the first. The sex offenders draw the most notice. We get the occasional North American murderer on the lam, and the right-wing extremists who often come in hiding behind religion. By number the biggest problem is the fraud artists, whose intended targets are generally foreign residents of the isthmus.

In the latter case, the predation is undertaken with the expectation that Panamanian police and prosecutors find it a laughing matter if a foreigner is defrauded.

In the former case, often the chosen victims are indigenous and they are always poor, such that their protection is likely to be a low priority for authorities in high places. The problem for such pedophiles, however, is that many police officers come from humble origins and ignored ethnic groups. Mostly these officers have neither forgotten nor come to hate their roots. Pick on a marginalized kid and you may run into a cop ready to stand up for one of his or her own.

But wait a second. How did this man get into Panama in the first place?

Didn’t they check his passport, his name and a fingerprint against the FBI’s LEIN criminal justice database? Shouldn’t they have found out that this was a dangerous violent criminal and denied him entry into the country?

It might be interesting to see the circular finger pointing around the Panamanian government and with the American Embassy.

In any case, three things to remember:

  • Innocent until proven guilty. Let the man have his fair day in court.
  • A man may have committed a crime, not a community. Not gay people, not gringos. One person. Or perhaps with one or more accomplices, but not a whole community.
  • Assignment of  blame here is mostly just useful for knowing where the holes that need to be patched are. The important thing is that every foreigner who comes into Panama for any purpose under any sort of visa should have to pass a screen against the applicable criminal database from whence she or he came. It is in the interests of these other countries to fully cooperate in this matter. 


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“Gringo pedophile"  has US crime sheet

Posted 09/04/2019
A man described by local media as the Boquete  Gringo pedophile in detention charged with rape and abuse of minors   had a previous criminal record in the U.S.

Robert Ryan Friedler who faces eight complaints of sexual abuse against minors has   a long criminal record of this subject in his native country the  United States reports La Critica.

His records include sexual abuse of child mistreatment and violence against his partner and about 12 reports of mistreatment and abuse of animals.AsHe  it was announced that the American, who was detained in the United States, for mistreatment if against his partner  but was granted freedom under conditions,  which  he violated  when sending Facebook messages to his ex-girlfriend, only a few weeks after he was released from state custody, Friedler had previously served two years in prison for beating the woman and abusing a child.

" I think he's a psychopath," said Angela Spaulding, the ex-girlfriend who says she suffered facial fractures, broken ribs and a collapsed lung in Friedler's hands.

Spaulding said that Friedler likes to hurt other people and animals that cannot defend themselves, and she witnessed how he abused and killed his puppy. "Because he was barking, he t kicking him. and he just kept kicking and kicking, until and I think he broke the puppy's back, "Spaulding said.

In the United States was investigated for abuse of animals, opening a training school for dogs without being certified, where there were complaints of abuse of domestic animals, as owners paid thousands of dollars for training and they returned in  returned in   conditions

In the province of Chiriqui, he is charged with for the abuse against some eight children, between 7 and 12 years old, whom he contacted near schools s in the district of Boquete.


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In Panama, are people guilty before proven innocent, or how does it go there? Imagine if it was you, being falsely accused of something you didn’t do, and people out here making assumptions and talking crap, as if his guilt were a given. Way to show Panama what America is all about! Thanks Whskyman!

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