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Shoot; Don't Shoot


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Shoot, Don't shoot!!


The International Police Association of Panama (IPA) would like to invite any adult, male or female to learn gun safety, how to shoot and the laws in Panama.  


IPA is scheduling  shoot -don't shoot class for any adult interested.


The 1st hour will be sit down discussion with a local attorney, explaining Panamanian law related to owning and using a gun.

Then take a charter bus, size depends on the amount of attendees, to shoot at a range. with emphasis on gun safety. It is necessary that everyone arrive and depart at the same time to make it cost effective.


We will supply a .22 pistol and revolver for those that do not own a gun.


We won't know the exact cost per person until we know how many are interested. There will be a limit on how many people can attend.


Please reply by sending email to Joe Hart..jhartpi@hotmail.com.

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According to a conversation I had with Joe Hart, they wanted to see if there were 50 interested folks before they went forward. They already have 40. They will schedule the class on a Sunday 30-60 days from now. They are trying to figure out their costs in order to set a price. Any profit they make will go to the local police.

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