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  1. I know they probably mean well, but the people planning and executing (and naming) these open markets are making a huge mistake. They seem to be trying to leverage the reputation of the Tuesday Markets that BCP organized and managed for years. Why don't they grow up and quit trying to confuse people. Name it something like Tapout Market or Rotary Market or some such?!.
  2. Routine supplies for some of my hobbies are hard to get now and in some cases simply not available. I agree with the comments here. Blaming something or someone won’t help, but it might make me feel better for a few minutes. I now truly understand the meaning of the word frustration. Mention above of Amazon now brings up bad thoughts. Some vendors are gouging. If Amazon were a local store it would be called being gringo-ed.
  3. Above taken from the referenced CDC website. Sounds like the viral test is one travelers should seek first. A friend told me that there soon will be a third kind of test - called a t-cell test. Does anyone have any info about that new test?
  4. The courier service I use has never opened any of my incoming shipments. Friends tell me that some couriers routinely open everything. Is the issue here in this article about following government procedures, security/safety (e.g., shipping of certain kinds of batteries, etc.) or MONEY? Will be interesting to see what changes come out of this effort.
  5. Your questions are reasonable and logical, but it suggests that you are planning to move to Boquete without having done your homework. Maybe I am interpreting your questions incorrectly. My recommendation and response to your questions is that you first should go to Boquete and scope things out for yourself. Plan to spend at least a month, or possibly two or three before making such a huge decision - unless you have tons of money to burn. But if that were the case then you wouldn't be asking the banking questions that you ask. Everyone has their own opinion and own experiences and own goa
  6. In some ways it sounds like she is apologizing for something she has done in the past, but not making any changes in whatever it was that she did. What is the real story here?
  7. Opinion here -- corruption is in all governments, but it seems to me Latin cultures have an extra dose or two of it. And it is accepted as just part of the way things work. And the court systems are corrupt also. Just look at Martinelli.
  8. Perhaps a better question would be: Do decision makers read?
  9. What should a citizen do if they see someone who is obviously violating the quarantine? It seems like they are putting others (me?) at risk.
  10. Not clear to me. Is your friend involved in the artwork, the eggs or both? I’ve never heard of organic eggs before. Is organic really healthier? Worth the extra cost?
  11. I’m still laughing. Find myself singing that song now as I wash my hands. Wash is not the right word. Scrub would be better. Several times a day.
  12. Maybe this is a case of a truly dedicated worker wanting to do a good job. Glad you paid him. Wonder how many gringos would have handled this in a similar way.
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