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And Now I Know - First Airline Trip from David to Panama City During Covid-19



With our first step inside David Airport for our first trip (Friday, November 27th) since the pandemic began, we were stopped by an attendant using a camera-like device to take individual’s temperature. Then it was a very long walk to board the COPA flight. 

After arriving at Panama a bus ride (20 passengers per trip) delivered us inside terminal. We had no luggage to claim, so we went immediately to taxi pick-up area.

Very few passengers in Tocumen Airport.

Boarding return flight was time consuming with attendant taking forehead temperature  and carefully checking all hand-carry items. No food service; each passenger was given a plastic bag containing chips and bottle of water.

Arriving in David, passengers were deplaned one row at a time.  Walked to terminal and formed four rows waiting to pick up baggage.  Only ten passengers were allowed at a time to obtain luggage from the carousel.

No visitors allowed inside terminal.  So guess where visitors, friends, and taxi personnel were waiting? On sidewalk outside the one exit door that was unlocked and allowed to be used! What a crowded mess! Airline passengers could not push their way through the crowd, and so could not exit the terminal building.  Scary for several minutes until people finally moved away from exit doors.

No Covid-19 test required for flights between David and Panama City.

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