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And Now I Know - First Trip To David After the Quarantine




Yesterday (June 2) was our first trip to David in two months. Arrived at PriceSmart at 8:50am. Only three people entering the store. Staff person sprayed each customer’s cart handle with sanitizer while another staff member checked individual forehead temperature reading. Some items on my grocery list were not available, but shelves were being stocked. Checkers were separated from customer by a clear plastic sheet hanging from ceiling area.

When leaving the PriceSmart parking lot at approximately 10:00am, there were about 20 people in the queue to enter the building.

Each business we visited allowed limited number of customers inside at a time. The larger stores also tested forehead temperature of customer before entrance. Face masks were used by everyone outside of buildings. Many businesses closed. One McDonalds was open.

All vehicles entering Boquete were stopped at Caldera check-point. Staff sprayed car tires and a medically clad person registered each occupant’s forehead temperature. Took 10 minutes per vehicle during morning time frame.

Not many vehicles on roadway. Almost like past years of no traffic problems. Overall it was a successful trip, and the first time both of us could be in the car together since the lockdown began.


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Spraying the tires at the checkpoint is so silly. Covid is an airborne disease, and the virus dies quickly outdoors.  Even if we somehow got some virus on our tires, nobody uses them for dinner plates.

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