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And Now I Know - Drivers License Renewal



January is my birth month and 2019 is when I had to renew my Panamanian drivers license. Visited a lab here in Boquete for blood test. Then two days later, with blood result information in hand, went to doctor office for a physical exam and memory test. (At my age this exam has to be done by an internalist or gerontologist). Dra Díaz issued the “results” letter which I took to the licensing office the following day. (Glucose and blood pressure reading seem to be the primary criteria for consideration for license.) Also remembered to take copy of my cedula — instead of paying 10 cents for a copy at licensing office).

The staff at the ATTT (Transito Y Transporte) office which is located in Chiriqui Mall (near PriceSmart) was polite and efficient. All instructions were in Spanish. I had to ask one female employee to repeat her information because I couldn’t be sure I had understood her very rapid Spanish!

Passed all hearing and visual tests. Process was completed and license issued in less than 20 minutes from time we entered the building. With my jubilado discount, the cost was $16.00. 

A happy experience.


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Are blood test now required for renewals? I thought it was just for blood type (which of course doesn't change). Also not clear to me is if one's blood type is accepted from a foreign license.

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Are blood test now required for renewals?


13 hours ago, Pantah said:

Also not clear to me is if one's blood type is accepted from a foreign license.


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No on the blood tests for license renewal.

Given that we needed to see our doctor for Marcelyn's license renewal, I decided to turn that visit into a general physical exam/review for both of us. Thus the blood work was done.

BTW, we use Dra Diaz here in Boquete (she is the only doctor we are aware of in Boquete that can certify for driver license renewal), and it was a very thorough health checkup for both of us. Glad that we did that. We also use Dr Gomez across from Melo when we want a consult quickly without an appointment. Both are great doctors.

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For the first time last year I had to get the "old age" letter from Dra. Diaz for my license renewal. No blood tests were required and nothing was mentioned about my blood pressure. She does ask you "who is the president of Panama" so come prepared with the answer.

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When Dra. Diaz did my old age exam, she definitely was interested in my blood pressure. Maybe she was in a hurry when you had your exam, Penny.

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