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And Now I Know - BCP Market Experience




Several weeks ago I purchased a purse from an indigenous lady at the BCP Market. Just the right size and color and I used it daily. Last week I was in a hurry, forced and broke the zipper.

Tuesday I took the purse back to this family and asked if a replacement zipper could be installed. No problem and the lady would not accept any payment. I was so happy with the results and impressed with her “no charge” that I purchased a small purse as a gift for a friend.

As I’ve thought more about this experience, I remember three friends in the US who would enjoy a hand-made purse from Panama, so next Tuesday, I’m going back to the indigenous lady’s booth at the Market and buy more purses as gifts for friends. 😊😊😊

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The benefits of good customer service - - - wouldn't it be great if more Panamanian retailers understood this.

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wouldn't it be great if more Panamanian retailers understood this.

..and wouldn't it be great if a story about a positive cultural experience could stand without being used as an opportunity to criticize.

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😄..apparently some people don't like to taste their own medicine.

If the member wanted to complain about customer service in Panama he could have written his own post about it instead of throwing shade on a good story, imo.

Extranjeros relating positive experiences with Panamanians on this site are not nearly as common as criticisms.

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