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And Now I Know - Haircut



 Not long ago an acquaintance (maybe I should call him a “real character”) came to visit us. He needed a haircut...did he ever! But he claimed he didn’t have time or the opportunity for this. Too many other activities like Jazz Festival, Tree Trek, food to try, practice his Spanish, etc.

Then one day after his spending the day touring around the Boquete area, I noticed his hair was neatly trimmed. Where? was my question. Bert explained he had asked friendly Panamanians standing near Romero’s. They told about a favorite shop close to the Melo store and across the street from Dr. Gómez. Of course Bert had to try this place. Said it was the kind of business he liked to explore and make new friends. Called it educational and the right price.

Later I discovered this is Lasso Barber Shop. Mr. Lasso is a gentle and very polite man. I think he has been part of the Boquete culture forever.

Now Bert is continuing his world travel adventures in other places, making friends, and learning. He probably could need another haircut. Maybe tomorrow or perhaps next week or?

What a great guy! That comment applies to both Bert and Sr Lasso. They are both winners.



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Here are two recent pictures of the barbershop mentioned above. First is Sr Lasso (on the right) and his business partner. Second is a street side view of the barbershop. This barbershop is on the same street as Melo here in Boquete, but a bit north, going toward the church.



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It’s a barber shop, but the younger barber (also a real sweetheart) also cuts women’s hair—or at least women’s short hair. I went to him many years ago until my friends shamed me into going to a salon. Nothing fancy, but a good, serviceable short cut.

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When in Houston I get my hair cut at a certain Barber Shop. Always several male clients and only one female barber in this big shop. I get “funny looks” while sitting and waiting my turn, but Maria is worth it.

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