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Attitude Is Everything




I've been here a few times. If i'm over in Volcan I drop in on the animals in the rehabilitation center. She told me she has dropped off the coyote in the jungles many miles east towards Panama City and it always come back. This beats setting around worrying about who is wrong and who is wright and who has been in Panama the longest!!!!









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Go through Volcan do not turn right.  Turn left in front of Don Tavo hotel. Go two blocks and turn left. And, the first place on your left. I forgot the womans name but she is an expat. Small donations are helpfull for her to feed the animals. Anyone near the hotel can help you if you can't find it. And, maybe someone on CL knows her name. Really embarrassing I forgot her name. Found it-------It's called the ARK and here's her number----6466 9530. Still no name...........lololol

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Her name is Raquel Frame Allen and she is licensed by ANAM as a rescue center. The place is called Raquel's Ark and it's basically in and around her house. She has two adorable sloths which will hug your neck and cling to you. Her email is raquelframe@gmail.com

Raquel is one of the characters of Chiriqui Province that we are famous for. METO !!!!


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We were there on our first visit to Panama in 2016.  Raquel is delightful and our experience with the animals was just magical!  If there were more folks on the planet like her the world would be a much better place.   She told us about herself.  Used to train dolphins for use in the armed forces when she was stateside.

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