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  1. Hi Stacey. I think you are the L.A. Stacey that I know and met you when you were here! I am happy to answer all of your questions and tell you how I am handling things after being here for about 3 years. Just email me as you have done before. Looking forward to having you here!
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    In November 1940, days after the Nazis sealed 450,000 Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, a secret band of journalists, scholars and community leaders decided to fight back. Led by historian Emanuel Ringelblum and known by the code name Oyneg Shabes, this clandestine group vowed to defeat Nazi lies and propaganda not with guns or fists but with pen and paper. The resistance effort against persecution and oppression during the Holocaust is a topic not specific to just the Jewish community but to all peoples globally, especially in current times.
  4. We stopped in this three level store today and were amazed! It is a mashup of Ahorra, Conway and Super Baru with an array of additional merchandise that you may need and much that you might not. There are higher end clothing labels available such as Columbia, Izod and Italian makers. A huge selection of shoes, sporting goods, electronics, toys, jewelry, watches, home decor, kitchen and bath, a very large pharmacy and health and beauty area, and the grocery section is as large, if not larger than Price Smart. I found many American label foods at reasonable prices and items that are hard to f
  5. A 14 lb bag of the turkey protein was $29.35. A 28 L bag of the salmon protein was $45.70. They also carry the Nylabone tartar control drinking water additive.
  6. Prior to moving here, we changed our dog's diets over to Kirkland brand grain free dog kibble from a top quality grain free food from Nature's Variety...only to find the high quality grain free was no longer available at PriceSmart. We had seen it there on our prior visits in 2015 and 2016. The closest thing I could find is Triumph brand at the Melo's nearest the Conway/Arrocha center. It isn't cheap but our pooches seem to be fine with it. Both have terrible skin problems with grains. I hope that PriceSmart does offer the Kirkland brand grain free. I've always trusted the Kir
  7. As new members of the Jubilado community in Chiriquí, it would be appreciated to understand exactly WHERE this discount is appropriate. Are there general categories of goods and services where this is applicable such as restaurants, hotels, specific stores for specific goods, auto services from dealers, etc.? We've noticed it isn't offered generally as we go about eating, touring, shopping and spending... but when is it appropriate to ask for it? For example, do all drug stores offer discounts on prescription or over the counter drugs and/or supplies? I have made several purchases from
  8. There are several horses located in Boca Chica that are suffering from neglect. What we know is that these horses are owned by someone living out of the country who left their care with a local. That local is suffering from dementia and has severely neglected the horses and the owner is not to be found. Supposedly, the horses are from prized bloodlines. We have minimal information on this so please correct this post if you know more about this. A local named Stefania, stefynet@yahoo.com, is trying to help. If you know the owner or are interested in helping or adopting one or more of
  9. Wow! I didn't know this service was offered! I will look for you and use it in the future. I will also ask my future visitors to bring stamps.
  10. We have an ID on that snake. A Tropical Neo Racer, non venomous garden type snake that eats lots of mice and typically hangs out around human habitats. For very rapid snake ID, send a picture of the your visiting snake to teamsnakepanama@gmail.com They were very happy to ID the snake for us and are part of the research team cataloging the resident snakes in Panama.
  11. We have the small black ants that BITE. They create nests about 1.5 down in the soil. Vibrations bring them boiling to the surface. Our neighbor uses a very toxic poison to kill the nests. Any other things that might work so as not to poison other creatures or our dogs?
  12. Can anyone identify this snake? We found it resting on a towel bar in our bathroom. We released is safely (for us and the snake) back in the wild. I have the snake guide that was recently published but could not find this one to ID it.
  13. We are now in Panama City and using $100 or $50's is no problem at all. Each bill is inspected by at least one manager and the serial numbers are recorded. Perhaps David or Boquete are different with this. We will find out. Starting our drive end of next week and stopping at points along the Pacific. See y'all soon!
  14. LOL! Got me on that one, TwoSailors. I should have done my research before asking that question! Shows how long it has been since I've actually acquired cash for transport! $100 bills it is. Thanks.
  15. Another question... when arriving in Panama with cash...is there any issue with the denomination of the bills? In other words, is there a problem exchanging $500 or $1000 bills at banks for smaller denominations?
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