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Rosa Iveth Montezuma is Crowned Señorita Panamá 2018, and Her Competition for Miss Universe

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As with many other folks, beauty pageants have long since become pasé for me, however they're still a big deal here and in many other Latin countries. This contestant in Panama's event yesterday struck me as someone who might be putting a crack in the mould. It will be interesting to see how she does in the Miss Universe competition.

Message from our Meri Bä Nuäre. (Rosa Iveth Montezuma)

" Every girl dreams of being model, princess or queen, in my case I had to forget about it when I realized that in life you have to study, work, fight, mature, draw goals and projects of life, but I dreamed again when in My University appointed me as queen and represented it at the 6TH INTER-University Festival of culture ngäbe buglé, making me so in the meri ba nuäre 2017 (which means beautiful woman in our language language) Today Ambassador of culture ngäbe buglé . I am the queen of my people, University and my region which I proudly carry, I want to be the voice of indigenous women, youth and children who fight for inclusion, by a space and recognition within society, show the country And to the whole world that we were the first settlers of the isthmus and that we still exist with dreams of calling us Panama, let us not be forgotten to live in the mountains and areas of difficult access, for not possessing riches and having different culture, let us not forget We because education and health still do not reach the mountain ranges, I want to show them that we feel, that we are human and able to honor our homeland with values, that we have hope and desire to contribute to our society, we just need that little opportunity... Behold my great dream to call me miss Panama, I ask God to do his will because to fulfill my purpose I do not need to win a crown, I will do no matter the level, I will do it with love " 2764.png

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Comarcas student Miss Panama for Miss Universe

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Rosa Montezuma, representing the Comarcas won the Miss Panama title on Thursday, June 7  and will represent the country in the Miss Universe 2018 contest.

The 24-year-old model, a native of the Alto Caballero Ngäbe Buglé community,is  a computer science student in the Chiriqui Regional University Center.

The Herrera, contestant  Solaris Barba, was elected Miss Panama for Miss World 2018.



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Miss Panama bound for Thailand pageant

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Rosa Iveth Montezuma Panama’s representative in the 2018 Miss Universe contest will be traveling to Thailand in December where the pageant will be held for the third time.

Montezuma, a university student, is the first indigenous person to be crowned Miss Panama.

The organizers of the contest and the authorities of the country announced the location on Monday, August 31.

The gala will take place at the facilities of the IMPACT Arena Convention Center  in Bangkok on Monday, December 17, so that spectators from across the Pacific can see it live on Sunday night.

The Spanish model Ángela Ponce, 26, will become the first transsexual candidate, while Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia will appear for the first time. The crown is  currently worn by South African Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

Thailand first hosted the pageant in 1992, when Michelle McLean of Namibia was the winner.

Bangkok repeated again in 2005, when Canadian Natalie Glebova was crowned at the IMPACT Arena.



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Miss Panama heading  to UN and OAS

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Miss Panama,  Rosa Montezuma, who will represent the country in the 2018 Miss Universe contest will be a speaker at two events in the US to commemorate the Indigenous Peoples World Day.

Rosa-Montezuma_LPRIMA20180807_0030_16-300x169.jpgThe model, from the community of Alto Caballero, Ngäbe-Buglé, will open the panel “Indigenous people’s migration and movement at the UN headquarters in New York, on Thursday, August 9. The next day, she will be in Washington where she will be a speaker at the commemoration by the Organization of American States (OAS).




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First indigenous Miss Panama wows UN,OAS

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A day after speaking in a United Nations panel to mark Indigenous People’s Day in New York, on Thursday. August 10, Miss Panama 2018, Rosa Montezuma,  got a standing ovation at  the Washington headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS).

The young Panamanian, the country’s first indigenous Miss Universe contestant closed the segment of the rights of indigenous women with a speech on empowerment, inequality and even sexual education.

Wearing a traditional nagua dress she told an audience of ambassadors and delegates from across the Americas: “We continue to be considered inferior, uneducated, discriminated against by our clothing and especially our essence. ”

“As a representative of Panamanian woman, I bring to this stage the voice of my country and from my indigenous people, a voice that has found it difficult to reach these  international scenarios more so for  women, who have been  marginalized from our culture and from our countries, ”

She explained that in Panama, indigenous women are affected by poverty, due to their indigenous status and the gender issue, and the issue of sexual education and reproductive rights generates a “disturbing and urgent  debate on our future as a people”



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Miss Universe candidate ambassador in HIV fight

Rosa Montezuma and Dr Quintero
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Rosa Iveth Montezuma, Panama’s first indigenous Miss Universe candidate has been appointed godmother and ambassador for the fight against HIV by the Pro-Wellbeing and Dignity Foundation of People Affected by HIV / AIDS.

Dr. Orlando Quintero, who created the Foundation Rosa Iveth was infected with HIV,  31 years ago while practicing medicine. invited Rosa Iveth to support the project, and carry a message of hope to patients

In the coming days, she will participate in an informative program with free HIV tests in the Ngäbe Buglé region.

Montezuma has also been recognized by the United Nations (UN), in New York when she recently spoke in praise of her indigenous heritage and was the first beauty queen to visit the organization for community purposes.

“Beauty is the compliment. We are what our heart transmits through our actions, “she  told La Estrella de Panamá in  a recent interview



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Miss Universe hope joins HIV/AIDS mission

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Panama’s first Indigenous Miss Universe contestant Rosa Iveth Montezuma spent Friday, October 26 in the  Ngäbe-Buglé  community in her other new role as the godmother of the Probidsida Foundation. to participate in an HIV health fair where tests were carried out and talks given to sensitize the population about the issue,

The fair at the Alto Caballero educational center was organized by Probidsida, Foundation the Miss Panama organization and the Ministry of Health.

“Rosa has an important mission as Miss Panama for Miss Universe, but she also has an extremely fundamental duty here in Panama and especially with her people, who unfortunately are going through a  terrible situation having one of the highest HIV/AIDS  death rates, in the country, “said  Dr Orlando Quintero, director and founder of Probidsida.



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Miss Universe hope, Los Santos standard bearer

Rosa Iveth Montezuma
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Miss Panama, Rosa Montezuma ‘s last official duty before heading off to Bangkok, Thailand represent Panama in the Miss Universe contest, will be the standard bearer at the   November 10  parade marking the 197th anniversary of the first cry of independence from  Spain in La Villa de Los Santos in 1821.

Rosa the country’s first indigenous  Miss Universe contestant, will be accompanied by district flag bearer.  José Encarnación Burgos says Eduardo Vásquez, of the National Celebrations Foundation of La Villa de Los Santos.

According to Vásquez, they have extended invitations to 60 student delegations and independent bands.

He said that this year participating delegations on November 10, will have to pay for their food.

“We are in austerity,” said Vasquez warned. According to him, since last year they have pending the payment of money to some people who “in good faith” supported the organization on November 10, 2017, including the supply of food.

“We have knocked on the door of the Presidency and have pledged to disburse the payment of the approximately $10,00 dollars that are owed from last year,” he said.



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Panama’s Miss Universe set for Thailand venture

Rosa Iveth Montezuma Panama’s representative in the  67th h for the Miss Universe beauty pageant will leave for  Bangkok, Thailand on Monday, November 26, in search of the crown. She can expect a big send-off as the Miss Panama Organizers have issued an open invitation for her departure from Tocumen International Airport. She is the first Indigenous citizen to represent the country in the event which will climax on December 17.


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Thieves rob Panama’s Miss Universe hope

Rosa Montezuma
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Days before she is due to leave for Bangkok, Thailand for the Miss Universe extravaganza,  thieves have stolen computers and hard drives of Rosa Iveth Montezuma who as “Miss Panama” is carrying the country’s hopes. The  computers contain “valuable information   for  her presentation says  César Angel Rodríguez the Miss Panama organizer,

The thieves also took the make-up suitcase of makeup director Luis Quintero, Miss Panama’s bag for Miss Universe, with all her personal documents, as well as cash that was destined to make purchases prior to her trip.

The theft took place on Monday during final filming on the Bridge of the Americas. A reward has been offered for information leading to the recovery of the missing items.



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Rosa Iveth travels to Thailand to vie for the Miss Universe crown

Wed, 11/28/2018 - 20:11


This Tuesday, November 27, marks the beginning of the long-awaited trip for which Miss Panama Universe 2018, Rosa Iveth Montezuma, has been prepared in recent months. Friends and family accompanied her to the Tocumen International Airport to say goodbye and wish her the best luck possible at the Miss Universe international beauty pageant. Before her trip Rosa Iveth expressed her emotion; "The most awaited day arrived to travel to Thailand and shout with a lot of love and pride PANAMA. I wear the S in my heart, the smile of the children, the voice of fighting men and women, the scent of the flora and the diversity of the fauna," wrote Montezuma on Twitter before leaving for Bangkok, Thailand where she will vie for the Miss Universe crown. Montezuma carried with her eight suitcases with different materials and dresses, highlighting the "Zaratí", the national costume that means the rebirth of two legends designed by Abdul Juliao. Rosa Iveth was crowned Miss Panama Universe 2018 last June becoming the first indigenous woman to represent the country in the contest.

Born, raised and resident of the Comarca Ngäbe Buglé, in the community of Alto Caballero, in the district of Muná, in the west of the country, she has not had an easy start in the world of beauty contests. Recently, she had an unpleasant experience because of the campaigns of hatred and discrimination in social networks, which she believes are because she is an indigenous person and breaking the ground of the customary canon of beauty. The "most painful and outrageous thing" for her and a large part of the population was that she was accused of not being indigenous and having parents of European origin, and she even had to go to the Electoral Court of Panama to corroborate her identity. "Technology is good if we know how to use it in our favor, and bad if we use it to harm others. There will always be criticism; productive criticism is taken for personal growth, and destructive criticism is simply thrown out," Montezuma told Efe a few weeks ago.

The 25-year-old indigenous woman said she received her greatest support from her family, but her strength to continue is God, since for her He is "fundamental in her life". Rosa Iveth took advantage of her departure to Thailand to thank on Twitter those who have helped her in this new way to travel: "This is the dream of 4 million Panamanians who from home will raise a prayer with faith, with the protection of the eternal God and the happiness of our culture. Thanks to all those who have put their effort into this, my professors, designers, cameraman and photographer."



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Rosa Montezuma Miss Universe fantasy costume standout 

Rosa Montezuma's fantasy costume intertwines two legends
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Rosa Iveth Montezuma, Panama’s representative in the Miss Universe contest wore a costume inspired by the legend of Zaratí, in the National Costume competition of the event on Monday in Thailand and broadcast on the website of the organization.

“Zaratí, the rebirth of 2 legends” was made by Abdul Habid Juliao.

In the competition, also known as fantasy costumes, the candidates wore designs based on some legend, tradition, or elements of nature, fauna or flora of their country.

Among the most colorful this year were Brazil, El Salvador, Ecuador, and Japan, whose representative, Yuumi Kato, appeared dressed as Sailor Moon reports La Prensa.



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Miss Universe Contest: Rosa Montezuma wore the "Zaratí outfit: the rebirth of two legends"

Tue, 12/11/2018 - 15:50

Diseño sin título (2).jpg

The day in which we will meet the new Queen of the Universe is approaching and each step counts for the aspirants who seek to be crowned as the most beautiful of this year. The catwalk of typical costumes marked the beginning of the competition this Monday and Miss Panama, Rosa Montezuma, walked firmly and energetically before the eyes of all the attendees.

With a big smile and evident security, Montezuma demonstrated not only her own beauty but the spectacular dress made for the occasion by Abdul Juliao. This outfit is inspired by Zara, the daughter of cacique Nomé, one of the characters of the legend of Zaratí.

The suit has at least 3 thousand 500 jets of golden beads with small crystals iridescent and sheets of silver acetates, to match a shirt, cuff-links and anklets. The large size that characterized the suit did not stop at any time to Montezuma, who left on high the name of Panama on the catwalk in Bangkok, Thailand.

The complements of this suit are worked in ocher and corrugated gold colored leather called cabritilla; It also has cock feathers, duck, real bird and pheasant turquoise winches with rooster struts in all pink and lilac. The crown that is part of the headdress, is silver plated in 18k gold, was designed by Abdul Juliao and made by the hands of the goldsmiths Mila Jewelry. A beautiful and imposing costume.

Also among the Latin representatives who paraded and wore beautiful costumes are typical of Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru.

They all fight to win the crown that Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, Miss Universe 2017 of South Africa, currently holds. The final night will be this December 17.

Diseño sin título (3)_1.jpg

Miss Guatemala / EFE

Diseño sin título (4)_3.jpg

Miss Argentina / EFE

Diseño sin título (5)_3.jpg

Miss Brazil / EFE

Diseño sin título (6)_2.jpg

Miss Bolivia / EFE

Diseño sin título (7)_2.jpg

Miss Chile / EFE

Diseño sin título (8)_4.jpg

Miss Costa Rica / EFE

Diseño sin título (9)_1.jpg

Miss Ecuador / EFE

Diseño sin título (10)_0.jpg

Miss Paraguay / EFE

Diseño sin título (11)_0.jpg

Miss Mexico / EFE

Diseño sin título (12)_0.jpg

Miss Venezuela / EFE

Diseño sin título (13)_0.jpg

Miss El Salvador / EFE

Diseño sin título (14)_0.jpg

Miss Peru / EFE



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Rosa Iveth Montezuma dazzled in the second catwalk of the Miss Universe contest

Thu, 12/13/2018 - 19:12


Rosa Iveth Montezuma continues to shine in Thailand, this time in what was the second catwalk of the Miss Universe contest where the most beautiful women walked in swimsuits and dresses during the Preliminary Competition.

The representative of Panama looked safe, charming and elegant in a white suit with bright details that highlighted the tone of her skin as well as, she managed to dazzle in a bathing suit. Her characteristic smile showed that this great contest does not intimidate her and on the contrary allows her to take firm steps on her way to the crown.

More than 90 representatives from different countries are fighting to obtain the much desired crown that defines the most beautiful woman this year. This edition of Miss Universe, number 67, brings several novelties among which the participation of the first transgender women, the representative of Spain, Angela Ponce and Belguun Batsukh, representative of Mongolia.

Also Miss Israel surprised the public in this edition as she decided to wear a pair of pants instead of the usual and stunning dresses that the public has enjoyed year after year.

This Sunday will be the long-awaited grand final under the leadership of Steve Harvey. The Panamanians have their hopes supporting Rosa Iveth who has not disappointed any expectations so far.

Click Here to see more information on Instagram.



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Miss Panama goes viral

Sun, 12/16/2018 - 21:06


After some unfortunate  comments by the representative of the United States in the Miss Universe contest,  the representative of Panama, Rosa Iveth Montezuma, caught the eye of the international media causing an impression for her natural beauty and spontaneity.

Rosa Montezuma is the first woman chosen to become MAfter some unfortunate  comments by the representative of the United States in the Miss Universe contest,  the representative of Panama, Rosa Iveth Montezuma, caught the eye of the international media causing an impression for her natural beauty and spontaneity.

Miss Panama is the first contestant with indigenous roots to participate in Miss Universe, Rosa shared in her Instagram account many moments of her interviews.The video interviews has gone viral. Everyone wants to talk to her. Becoming one of the favorites of the contest due to her sympathy. There is still some discrimination in these beauty contests. Recently another beauty queen pageant denounced to be turned down because her vitigilio.

The recent crowned new Miss Venezuela 2018, Isabella Rodriguez coming from a poor neighborhood, said that she hopes to give back to Petare, the sprawling Caracas slum where she grew up.

"I think my contribution will be spiritual. We should return to values and to spirituality. That is so important for the children to be able to see a change," Rodriguez commented in a press conference after her triumph last Thursday night.

Her community suffers from a high crime rate, but she insists that through religious faith and family unity, Petare's residents can escape from violence and pursue their dreams.

"Teenagers, adults, sometimes shy away from dreaming, so let them see in me that I'm a girl of 25 and that I could make it," Rodriguez said.

She said that adults that are unhappy with their lives should "inculcate their children ... that they can dream and that they can make their dreams come true," Miss Venezuela said.

Rodriguez, who will represent Venezuela in the next 2019 Miss World pageant, said that she was going to celebrate with her neighbors in Petare, take to the streets in the wee hours of Friday to celebrate her success in the contest.

"They came out at three in the morning with a flag, from who knows where," she said. "It fills me with pride and I feel moved every time I say it because they are also part of this, they've seen me grow up."



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The Philippines takes the crown in Miss Universe

Mon, 12/17/2018 - 09:24

Diseño sin título (13)_0.jpg

Filipina Catriona Gray was crowned Miss Universe in the 67th edition of the competition, held in the city of Bangkok, in Thailand. Next to the Asian representative were Miss South Africa, Tamaryn Green, who got the second place and Miss Venezuela, Sthefany Gutierrez, who achieved the third place.

Gray, who will turn 25 on January 6, is of Australian origin, from a Filipino mother. In 2016 she had already participated in the Miss World contest, where she stood out among the first five positions.

"It’s incredible. I still cannot believe it," the new Miss Universe told the media after achieving the prestigious crown. One of the main goals during her reign will be to raise awareness in the population about the threat of AIDS, after experiencing closely the death of a friend who suffered from this disease.

The event also represented a historic moment for Panama. The Central American nation was represented for the first time by an indigenous woman, Rosa Iveth Montezuma, who said prior to the contest that, "It is a great pride to be the first indigenous woman to win a beauty contest in my country. Indigenous women in Panama many times are rejected, looked down on. It fills me with pride to show what an empowered woman is, and especially an indigenous woman who also wants go a long way. "

This edition of the beauty contest will also go down in history as the first time a transgender woman participates: Miss Spain, Ángela Ponce, who didn’t make it after the first round.

Diseño sin título (14)_1.jpg

Diseño sin título (15)_0.jpg

Diseño sin título (16)_0.jpg

Diseño sin título (18)_0.jpg




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Miss Universe candidate in Assembly payroll


Deputy Prado and Beauty queen Montezuma

Posted 27/04/2019

Rosa Montezuma, who represented Panama in the Miss Universe 2018 contest, is revealed being as one of the recipients of largesse from the National Assembly by being included in the payrolls of the Ngäbe Buglé deputy, Crescencia Prado, of the (PRD).

The information was revealed by the Comptroller General o through a platform that allows the public to review all payments made by deputies from 2014 to 2019.

Deputies used more than $ 166 million in payroll and donations

Montezuma was included in both the 080 (personal payroll of the deputies) and the 172 (the contracts for professional services), in 2016 and 2017.

The payments of both forms were suspended by the Comptroller for irregularities found in the contracts.

From Form 080, Montezuma received $2,800 in biweekly payments, while in item 172, she was paid $2, 950 in a single check. To this was is added$ 33 corresponding to the payment of the thirteenth month.



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Former Miss Panama donates hair to raise cancer awareness


Posted 08/02/2021

The “new look” of Miss Panama 2018, Iveth Rosa Montezuma who donated her hair that has not been cut since she was 10 to raise awareness of cancer victims has gone viral.

On February 4 – World Cancer Day she said - “Today I want to share a piece of me, with someone that I know needs it much more than I do. It will not be much, but for me it has a great meaning and is very special,  I have had the opportunity to own it and take care of it, that a little person will love it and be very happy. “

Montezuma,27, who represented Panama in the Miss Universe event said that she has always believed that she should do something for others.

Rosa Iveth, born in Chiriquí and from the Alto Caballero community, Ngäbe-Buglé region, is remembered, among other things, for having given a speech to the United Nations, carrying a message of inclusion and empowerment of indigenous women reports Mi Diario.

She said that with the donation of her long, black hair, she seeks to “raise awareness and mobilize society to advance in the prevention and control of cancer, a difficult stage for everyone who lives it without distinction of race or age. or gender ”.



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