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115th Spay/Neuter Clinic in Volcan

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45 animals were spayed/neutered by Dr. Andres Tello,our wonderful veterinarian.

http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/115th.html This brings our total to 4,370 dogs and cats sterilized. Plus he also performed several other lengthy procedures, including removal of a venereal tumor from a male dog.  See the details in my web page. This time we were thankful to have had a lot of no-shows. Otherwise we'd have been at the clinic until 10:00 pm instead of 6:40.

"Dra. Death" in Volcan had struck again. The owner unknowingly took the dog with the venereal tumor to her before our clinic. She supposedly injected "tumor reducing drugs" over a priod of time. The owner ended up paying her $260 for nothing, except perhaps having his dog injected with toxic chemicals. The tumor was huge, and Dr. Tello removed it surgically for a cost of $60.

The May 20th clinic is already fully booked and we are taking reservations for June 24th. For appointments in June, call 6640-3171.

Because the clinics are filling up so fast that we have to schedule animals far in advance, we will try to play "catch up" and we will have two clinics in August: the 12th and 26. 

Regarding the photo albums: I am FURIOUS. First Picasa Albums quit, and all of my previous Picasa albums were gone! Then I started using Flickr; now they have been sold to SmugMug and my previous Flickr albums are gone! I've spent hours searching for a simple photo album to use. (I tried google photos but was unable to include captions for each photo.

If anyone can teach me how to use google photos to create an album with a heading and a caption below each photo, I will be VERY grateful.

But--For the photo album for this clinic, go to: https://albumizr.com/skins/mrburn5/index.php?key=81um  
Sorry, I couldn't figure out a way to title the album or set it up any way except for a slide show. I did manage to put captions below each photo. The good news is that in the slide show, the photos are large.

As always, thanks to Dr. Andres Tell, our wonderful volunteers, to everyone who contributed whether financially or otherwise, and to everyone who brought their animals to be sterilized and/or returned to good health.


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