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Even though we kind of compete against the Panama Post office by using volunteer "mules" to take the mail to the U.S. every week, I love the Post Office here. The ladies who work there have been there forever and have dealt with enough foreigners that they've picked up a smattering of English. They will patiently look through a stack of mail trying to find a letter you think should have arrived. And, I often use them to mail in my 5 times a year correspondence with the U.S. Treasury (i.e., IRS). Since all 5 of these occasions involve a check that I'm not in a hurry to clear, the service suits me just fine as they stamp the postal date on the envelope while you're standing there and that means you mailed your check on time. Most foreign locals don't know that you can send a "con certificado" letter to the U.S. for $1 at the local post office. That, theoretically, means you can track the letter.

Having said all that, there is one postal regulation that I find infuriating and nonsensical and that is no tape on your packages. I can't fathom a rationale for this one. They want you to use glue to keep your package wrapped. Why on earth would this be?

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Maybe the problem is poor quality tape. I purchased a large roll of the only “stuff” available at a local store. Wouldn’t stick to my container no matter how much I used or how hard I pressed. Ugh!  Free “tape” available........ 9_9

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