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The passing of Dr. Drew Aguillar

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Bill and I so hoped that when we heard this earlier today that it was not true ..that it was a mistake.  It is beyond our ability to understand how a man who just completed a bicycle marathon from Colon to Panama City could be gone today.  My husband was in his office just yesterday afternoon for an adjustment.  Dru and his wife have been our good friends for over a decade.  We saw them get married, and as well experience the joy of having their child.  Then we saw this wonderful family grow together through the years.  We had many days  sharing our own experiences and hearing theirs.  There was always a good laugh.  Our life without Dru around is now lacking and today very sad.  For his wife and young child we cannot imagine the deep sorrow and as well uncertainty looking forward.  We pray for their consolation and comfort.  We cry with them.

Alison and Bill Brundage

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Yes, we visited Dr. Dru for a back treatment but remember his talent for story telling. I recall the one about riding his bike and noticing a fer-de-lance snake keeping pace with him. Dr. Dru decided to increase his speed and that snake did the same. The race was on! When Dr. Dru checked his bike speedometer....18 miles per hour! 

Dr. Dru said he got the heck out of there, away from that snake.

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Yup we heard that story too Marcelyn.   Here's another....Bill and I would take our surfing photos over there when we got adjusted after our surf trips.  Dru and his wife always enjoyed the pictures.  Soooooo Dru decides he's going to try surfing, hooked up with a surfboard and I believe he went to Las Olas ( not a user-friendly surf spot) .  With a slippery deck of the board, he stood up and did  a full split tearing the muscles in his thighs.   Took him awhile to get over that.  Needless to say, after that he left the surfing to us .   ( wax on the deck of the board was probably the missing element !)

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