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4 minutes ago, Uncle Doug said:

I wonder who Kenny Serracin was. Google doesn't seem to know.

Brandy Gregory posted this the other day.

Took some searching, but I found this at besibolchiriqui.com: (Translation compliments of Google Translate)

Remembering Kenny Serracín

Kenny Serracín worked in the banana farms of the Barú area, it was here that he started where he began his baseball practices.
Then Kenny Serracín worked as a physical education teacher at the Doleguita school in the district of David. Years later when they start to build the Chiricano Coliseum Kenny Serracín works in the same as manager of the stadium.
In 1944 Kenny Serracín represents Chiriqui in the Major Baseball championship, he played as third baseman and receiver.

Kenny Serracín remembered by many for his several years of dedication as director in charge of selections of Chiriqui in both the major and the youth, also took care of the small leagues in the District of David.
In the 70s Chiriquí begins a new productivity in baseball this sport is reorganized in the province with the help of Carlos Titi Alvarado, Brenes and Serracín and other characters.

In honor of Kenny Serracin the Chiricano stadium bears his name, the home of the juvenile and eldest of the Valle de la Luna.

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We had no choice but to be in David all day today. Our exit late in the day was probably the worst traffic we have ever experienced in David. The closer we got toward the area of the stadium, the slower the cars were going, and eventually just stopping. There were lots of police in (literally in the lanes of) the InterAmerican Hwy, and they had to have a horrible time. Lots of cars, slow moving at best, some drivers doing really stupid things, and the heat. Boy was it hot in David today.

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I was also unavoidably in David until about 5:15 today. The traffic was horrible. My smart phone told me it was 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Stop and go all along the Pan-American. Between the baseball game, the President being here, and the feria, it was a mess.

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