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I recently posted here about having problems with CATPCHA appearing on most web pages I tried to open. Twin Wolf (a member here) responded to me privately and offered to help. He can access a computer remotely. That was absolutely fascinating! I watched on my computer everything he did, and we could send messages back and forth, too. I had already solved the CAPTCHA problem but had others. Dan checked out everything and installed a great virus protection program on my computer--all remotely. His fee was very reasonable.

For computer problems, I recommend Twin Wolf Technology. I will contact him with any problems I have in the future.


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Even though Dan (Twin Wolf Technology) has moved out of Panama, he is still able to diagnose and fix software and operating system issues. He spent about 40 minutes today working remotely on my primary desktop machine, and it was an amazing experience to watch him. A wizard at work.

If you need help with a Windows machine of any variety, call on Dan. Highly recommended. Just send a PM (private message) to @Twin Wolf Technology Group.

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I would like to add my recommendation to those of Dottie and Bud. Dan has been a lifesaver for me when it comes to thorny computer problems. He always responds quickly, and he solves the issue remotely with his remarkable Team Viewer program. I don't know how I ever did without his service. And Dan has never made fun of me even once when I demonstrated my ignorance of computer technology!

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