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Presentation Materials Used by Rainelda Mata-Kelly at Her March 13th Presentation At BCP


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For those interested in reviewing the presentation materials used by Rainelda Mata-Kelly at her March 13th presentation at the BCP Theater and Event Center, those materials are now posted on the Chiriqui.Life (CL) website. Here is the link:


Membership/registration is required to view or download Rainelda's presentation materials. Note that CL membership is free. If you are not a CL member and wish to register so that you can download the presentation materials, just click on the "Sign Up" link in the upper right corner of the home page.

If you have problems accessing this information or using CL, please email support@chiriqui.life.

Marcelyn Jandreau and Bud Huber
Owners/Administrators of Chiriqui.Life

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One of the topics discussed by Rainelda Mata-Kelly during her talk was the matter of a government requirement that banks make available "beneficiary declaration forms" to be executed by bank customers desiring such. Such designation would be one method of avoid probate issues upon the passing of a bank customer.

We stopped by our bank (Multibank) earlier this week, and they knew exactly what we were asking for. However, there is a charge of $112.00 for each beneficiary form that is executed. We opted not to go forward with this process.

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