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Jubilado discounts; where provided and when appropriate?


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As new members of the Jubilado community in Chiriquí, it would be appreciated to understand exactly WHERE this discount is appropriate.  Are there general categories of goods and services where this is applicable such as restaurants, hotels, specific stores for specific goods, auto services from dealers, etc.?

We've noticed it isn't offered generally as we go about eating, touring, shopping and spending... but when is it appropriate to ask for it?  For example, do all drug stores offer discounts on prescription or over the counter drugs and/or supplies?  I have made several purchases from drug stores in town and not once was I asked about Jubilado.  Should I have ASKED them about it?  What about stores such as Do It Center or Conway?  Grocery stores?

We have our temp cedulas at the moment.  Thanks for the guidance!

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A publication prepared by ACODECO relating to jubilado discounts can be found here:

The only places I have found to offer the discount or automatically apply the discount are pharmacies. You have to ask for the discount in most places. The discount does not apply to the purchase of goods (food, clothing, equipment, etc.). It applies only to those purchases listed above in the ACODECO document.

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I believe both McDonalds and the cafe at Price Smart give 25% discount even though they are only required by law to give 10% as fast food joints. The best deal in town is the pizza at Price Smart. With the discount  it's about $8.50 for a 16" or 18" pizza and the quality is very good.

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Several people have asked me to post the Law (Ley 6) concerning jubilado discounts in Panama.


This will be a summary of the law in English rather than an exact word for word translation.


First of all the discount law applies to anyone:


a)    With a pensionado visa as long as the person is over 18 years old unless the age requirements are spelled out in the specific provision.


b)    Any legal resident of Panama who has attained the age of 55 (if female) or 60 (if male)


c)    The law does not apply to tourists or anybody who does not have some kind of residency visa.




Discount of 50% of the admission price for recreational and entertainment activities such as movies, sporting events, and other public shows. The discount is not applicable to charitable activities and fundraising events.


Discount on public transportation (other than inter-urban)


a)    30% for buses


b)    30% for trains


c)    30% for boats


d)    25% for airplanes


These transportations must originate in the country of Panama in order to receive the discount. The discount does not apply to the portion of the ticket for fuel surcharge or taxes.


Discount on hotels, motels, and hostels:


a)    50% from Monday through Thursday


b)    30% from Friday through Sunday


c)    In hotels that sell "all inclusive" packages there is a 20% discount applied Monday to Thursday, and a 12% discount applied from Friday to Sunday.


Discount of 25% on food consumed in non-fast food restaurants


a)    Doesn’t apply to fondas that don’t need a commercial operating license.


b)    The discount applies only to the qualifying persons, not everyone at the table.


c)    The discount applies only for a meal consumed on the premises; it doesn’t apply if the diner only orders a beverage or a dessert.


d)    If a restaurant is offering a special price for a meal, the diner has the option of paying the special price or obtaining the discount off of the regular price.


e)    The discount applies to all food except alcohol and sodas


Discount of 15% in fast food restaurants


a)    This is for places like McDonalds, Burger King, Food Courts and franchises.


b)    The diner has the option of paying a special promotion price or the regular price with the discount.


·         Editor’s note – both McDonalds and the cafeteria at Price Smart give 25% discount although they are not required by the law to do so.


Discount of 15% off the total bill for services at hospitals and private clinics.


Discount of 20% off of all medicines purchased in a pharmacy.


a)    If the medicine is offered at a special sales price, the buyer has the option of accepting the price or paying the regular price minus the discount.\


Discount off the following medical services:


a)    20% off the consultation fee for general practitioners, medical specialists, and surgeons.


b)    15% off the fee for dental services


c)    15% off the fee for optometrists


Discount for health insurance policies must adjust their premiums to reflect the discount for jubilados.


·         Editor’s note – the law doesn’t say what the percentage discount should be.


Discount of 20% of the charge for technical and/or professional services.


a)    Technical services include electricians, plumbers, building contractors, wood-workers, etc.


b)    Professional services include accountants, economists, lawyers, engineers, architects, etc.


Discount of 20% on the price of prosthetics and other handicap aids (crutches, wheel chairs, etc)


Discount of 50% on the fees and commissions for obtaining either a personal or a commercial loan.


Discount on the surcharge or encumbrances from a personal or commercial loan.


Discount of 15% off the interest charged by banks, financial institutions, credit institutions, etc on a personal or commercial loan.


Discount of 1% off the interest charged on a mortgage.


The freezing of the property tax on your primary residence that is in your name (not in a corporation or foundation).


Discount of 50% off the charge for a passport (Panamanian passport)


Discount of 25% on your monthly electrical bill (up to 600kwh).


Discount of 50% off the Airport taxes (usually included in your ticket)


Discount of 25% off the flat-rate monthly telephone contract bill when:


a)    The telephone bill is in your name


b)    The telephone bill is for residential usage


c)    The telephone bill is for a single phone


Discount of 25% of your water bill (whether from a public or private water company)


a)    The bill must not be more than $30


b)    The bill must be in your name


c)    The bill must be for a residence and be your primary residence


Exoneration of 100% in the Public Registry for paying registration and judicial fees for new organizations for retirees.


Discount of 20% for purchase of coffins and urns and for funeral services when the deceased qualified for the discount.

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