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Boca Chica horses neglected; need your help


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There are several horses located in Boca Chica that are suffering from neglect. What we know is that these horses are owned by someone living out of the country who left their care with a local. That local is suffering from dementia and has severely neglected the horses and the owner is not to be found. Supposedly, the horses are from prized bloodlines.

We have minimal information on this so please correct this post if you know more about this.

A local named Stefania, stefynet@yahoo.com, is trying to help. If you know the owner or are interested in helping or adopting one or more of these horses, please contact Stefania directly.

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58 minutes ago, Two4Paws said:

That is terrible. Please see the Animal Care resources section here on CL. Under the Horse section, there is information on horse rescues.

Here is the link to the referenced topic: http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/2354-maggies-list-animal-care-resources-of-the-chiriqui-province-and-pet-abuse/


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