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OPINION: Panama tourism in tech age

Tourists in Casco Viejo
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New technological change and innovative business models confront state regulators with the reality of a dynamic economy.

The Tourism Authority of Panama has the challenge of establishing a viable framework for accommodation digital platforms for tourists planning to visit our country.

As with the Transportation Authority, the tourism entity is still linked to the sector that traditionally dominated the market. What is at stake is not only determining the rules so that new actors make our tourism more competitive, it can also eliminate another barrier to entrepreneurship and creativity. Let’s not be slaves chained to the past … La Prensa, Feb 17.



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I concur.

My interpretation of the poorly written article is that Panama is trying to “grow up”. It is having to deal with the impact that the digital world is having on society in general. Witness AirBnB and Uber. Panama, like other countries, is trying to promote tourism, but it is having to deal with ancillary issues such as the impact of Uber on the taxi union, and AirBnB and tax revenues versus the hotel industry, the taxi union, etc. They are learning, albeit slowly. I just wish the print media were better able to highlight the real story and describe it to the readership.

News Room Panama is not good about critically proofing their articles, imo.

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