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2 hours ago, Uncle Doug said:

I've never heard of Lynx officers. If you know, are they a branch of the Policia Nacional, or an entirely different entity?  

Lynx officers, or Linces, are the two person teams on dirt bikes carrying an AK-47 or equivalent plus a variety of other lethal weapons.

Apart from patrolling the streets and providing support in dangerous arrests, Linces are the official first responders to crimes in progress. These are front line people.







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We have the imprint of two of them and their motorcycle on the rear quarter panel of our pickup.  They were following too close when Bill made a left turn and they plowed into the truck.  Amazing control. They never hit the ground...nor did they get hurt.  Truck?...eh, memories.  We painted the nicks and left the dent.  Both Bill and the officers decided they were equally at fault,shook hands and parted ways.   ( Bill should have signaled sooner...it was a California turn, Panama style.  Signal as you make the turn)

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