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Upcoming CD Party Election: Martinelli Letter A Forgery — Ex-Minister

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Martinelli Letter A Forgery -Ex-Minister

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On the eve  of internal elections in the deeply divided Democratic Change party Giselle Burillo  a  former minister in the Ricardo  Martinelli administration has denounced a “false” letter from former President requesting support for Alma Cortés”

According to Burillo, who aspires to become the secretary general of the party, the graphologist Armando Gaitán reviewed the letter allegedly written by Martinelli and compared it with other documents penned by the ex-ruler and said it is not legitimate.

The former minister added that lawyers Luis Eduardo Camacho,  and Alma Cortés are trying to manipulate the vote to the shame of the members of the CD collective since Martinelli is being held in a jail in Miami.

On Sunday, January 21, delegates will gather to elect the  Board of Directors with numerous candidates facing criminal corruption charges, including Martinelli’s sons who are wanted by Interpol, and the ex-president who has been in a Miami Detention Center for over seven months and is awaiting extradition to Panama.



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3 hours ago, Keith Woolford said:

Alma Cortes, who was recently filmed chasing her neighbour with a broom, is a prime example of a no class individual who became a corrupt politician in order to gain wealth and power.

There is a separate topic about Alma Cortes related to her legal issues involving corruption. For those details, please see  http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/4777-alma-cort%C3%A9s-former-minister-of-labor-and-social-development-facing-corruption-and-fraud-investigations-prosecutions/

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Martinelli ousted from CD party leadership

Roux and Abrego( left)
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RICARDO MARTINELLI is no longer the leader of the party he founded funded to further his political ambitions and ruled with an autocratic hand for 20 years.

From 2009-2014 he ruled as president over the most corrupt administration in the country’s history with many of his former cabinet,  and inner circle business associates, like Martinell himself,  his brother and sons.under investigation for corruption, and potentially facing  long prison terms

On Sunday, January 21, at the Cambio Democrático (CD) convention to elect the new board of directors he was soundly defeated by Rómulo Roux who garnered the support of 1,486  of the   2,360 delegates. Martinelli got 846.

Meanwhile, Alma Cortes, the interim president and a Martinelli supporter, lost out on her bid to become secretary-general.  She had said earlier in the day that if Roux became the party president decent persons would leave the party.

The deputy and president of the National Assembly, Yanibel Ábrego, was elected to the post with

1,460 votes.    Alma Cortés got 372 votes and Giselle Burillo, 226. Both Cortés and Burillo are facing criminal investigations linked to corruption.

Martinelli has been in a  Miami Federal Detention Center for seven months. He returns to court on Tuesday for a hearing to decide if he should be extradited to Panama to face trial … without the triumphal march back to the presidency that he had predicted.



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Martinelli  truculent in defeat

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EX-PRESIDENT,  Ricardo Martinelli and now, ex-leader of the Democratic Change (CD) party that he created and ruled for 20 years,  showed little grace in acknowledging his defeat by Rómulo Roux on Sunday, January 21, in the party’s internal elections.

Martinelli note from his prison cell

Martinelli sent a message to the members of the political group and Panama citizens in general via Luis Eduardo Camacho,  his spokesman, cheerleader and proponent of the “political persecution” mantra, applied to investigations of corruption by Martinelli and other figureheads in the previous administration.

“I hope they do not regret voting for Romulo as many regret today having voted for Varela,” says the former president’s message posted on Camacho’s Twitter account.

He thanked his “loyal friends” for their support:  “together we will watch that opposition is guaranteed in Democratic Change”.

Martinelli is currently in detention in a Miami Federal Detention Center, awaiting a hearing to determine  his extradition to Panama to face trial



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Martinelli & co. should know that they've had the biscuit now, when even their own party members have turned against them.

So much for the triumphant return and 2019 election victory that the former President predicted.

Today is the day Martinelli will get the final word on his extradition to Panama from Judge Marcia Cooke in Miami.


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His goose was cooked the day the Trump administration authorized the surprise arrest of Martinelli before the initial extradition ruling in Miami. Without any political friends in the US,  it is merely a judicial question whether Panama provided enough evidence that crimes were probably committed. 

That question has already been answered in US courts.

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